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root canal treatment

Do you take proper care of your mouth by doing a regular brush? Well, that’s good, but do you know, just brushing won’t solve the issue. Now, what issue? See, when you eat sticky food items or, say a standard food, it gets stuck in between your teeth, and when you brush, there are quite many chances that the small pieces of food are not removed from your mouth. So as a result, your mouth will start forming bacteria which will later lead to the formation of plaque that will bring cavity.

Since you’re now clear with the issue, now the solution is, either go with root canal treatment or go with the tooth extraction process. We know that tooth extraction is a good choice if your tooth is entirely damaged, but if it is just the beginning, then going with a root canal would be the best choice.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment may be defined as a treatment in which the repairing and prevention of teeth are done; the tooth which is severely decayed or infected can be saved from this treatment procedure. When you have a tooth decay that is deep, you will feel irritated, the inner nerve will be inflamed and infected, and as a result, you may have multiple dental issues.

So when you go to the dentist for root canal treatment will remove the nerve and the pulp of the decayed tooth. After the removal, the inside portion of the tooth will be cleaned and sealed. And if you think why to go for a treatment, then you should know that if you don’t, then the surrounding of that tooth will be infected

Now the thing is, why do we need to go with root canal treatment, and why should we remove the pulp?

See, due to the cavity, your tooth’s nerve gets damaged, which is also known as the pulp, and once that gets damaged, it breaks down, and the formation of bacteria multiplies. So when the formation of bacteria is more or, other decayed debris will cause infection. In other words, you will have an abscessed tooth, so the abscess will be formed at the end of the roots of the tooth. 

Also, when the infection is caused, you will have multiple problems such as:

  • Bone loss nearby the location of the tip of the root.
  • There will be slight swelling around the neck, face, or head.
  • You will also see drainage problems, a hole may also occur, and also drainage of the cheek could be seen.

So for the best experience of good oral health, you need to immediately ask your dentist for the treatment, and most definitely, you will be advised to remove the pulp from your tooth.

And after reading this, you must be worried about the pain related to the treatment, and your next query will be:

Is root canal treatment painful?

Well, no, it is not. The dentist will number the area that will be treated, and after cleaning & sealing, the numb portion will come to the normal stage, and later you won’t feel any pain. A professional dentist will help you get the treatment in the most efficient manner so that instead of removing or extracting the whole teeth, you just have to remove a certain part of it.

As you already know, there are multiple solutions for a single issue, but how to know if a root canal is needed? 

When you see the following signs, you need to go with root canal treatment of teeth:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Pimples or redness on your gums.
  • Painful gums usually when the mouth is stable.
  • Darkened gums or swellings on it.
  • Too much tooth sensitivity for hot and cold items.

But still, you can’t decide whether or not you should go with a root canal or the tooth extraction procedure. Let your dentist properly examine the condition of your mouth and tell you the exact solution.

Since we’re discussing the treatment, we should also know if there are any complications related to root canal treatment.

When you go with the treatment, after it is done successfully, there are chances that you might have a new infection, and this usually happens after the root canal treatment. Let us know about the reasons:

  • During the restoration, the bacteria may get passed to the internal portion, and it gets sealed.
  • The inner sealing material may breakdown after some time, so the re-formation of bacteria may be there.
  • There may be some undetected cracks in the root of the tooth.
  • Multiple root canals in the tooth, which leads to missing one of them uncleaned.

In most cases, with re-treatment, the problem can be fixed, and if not, you may have to go with surgery. If you had the same experience, you should go with Apicoectomy or Root-end Resection as the treatment procedure.

To be on the most honest side, when you get the treatment from expert dentist in Keller, the chances of such complications are quite less. So it is highly advised instead of choosing dentistry that is taking a cheap amount of money, you should go with dentistry that takes affordable fees and provides professional service.

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