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Gingivitis vs Periodontitis

Healthy teeth are what people dream for, and with consistent care, you can have that too. And the care includes regular brushing, flossing, mouthwash, and dental checkup. We sometimes try to follow these caring tips, but somehow we fail, say, if we’re doing regular brushing, we must not be flossing, and the sequence goes on.

Fortunately, the common thing people do to take care of their teeth is regular brushing; it solves some issues, but not all. Also, sometimes when people do brushing, they notice that their gums are bleeding, and so people think it is just due to the roughness of the brush and often ignore that.

So the question is, should you ignore the gum bleedings?

Well, if it has just occurred once in many months, then you can ignore it. But if the bleeding comes out regularly, then there is something serious that you need to be concerned about.
You already know what do bleeding gums means, and it mostly happens either because of doing rough brushing or wearing braces that do not fit properly. Apart from this, if you’ve any gum disease, then also you may see some bleedings in your gum.

What to do for bleeding gums?

Bleeding gums is a common issue only if it has occurred due to brushing once in a long period of time. But if it is occurring in a regular time period, you should consult a dentist as quickly as possible. This will help to find out the exact issue your mouth has (usually Gum Disease), and so treatment could be done accordingly.
But before you go to a dentist, you need to stop the bleeding first. So now you must be wondering about what can I do for bleeding gums to stop?

Here are the things you could follow to stop the bleeding:

1: Use Ice-Cubes:

If your gums are bleeding and you’re at home, you can take the help of Ice-Cubes. This will help to reduce the pain and can also stop the bleeding. Also, you need to take care that you’re not applying ice cubes for too long. It would be best if you only apply for 10-15 minutes. An ice cube solution is best for children.

2: Mouthwash:

It may sound unusual to you how mouthwash can help in stopping the bleeding of the gums. Well, mouthwash usually contains chlorhexidine and hydrogen peroxide. Both of them are good to kill any bacteria, and so can also help in reducing the pain of your gums. You should use good quality mouthwash.

3: Turmeric Paste:

Natural antibacterial items have amazing powers. And turmeric is not the exception. It is believed that if you apply turmeric paste along with baking soda once a day for 10 minutes, you can make your teeth brighter. And when it comes to bleeding gums, then they’re powerful to stop any bleeding. Once the bleeding stops, you should consult a dentist.

4: Use Gauze:

If bleeding continues for a longer period of time, gauze will help to soak it. You should use gauze gently. Just press the gauze, and it will gradually soak the blood. And if in case the bleeding continues, you should use another one. Also, people with low immune systems have more bleeding.

5: Salt-Water Rinse:

This process works in an amazing way. All you need to have is warm water and put some salt in it. Shake it gently, and then rinse your mouth with this water. You need to rinse your mouth properly so that it cleans your mouth and all the area. This will help to kill bacteria and stop the bleeding. This process should not be done by children as they drink instead of spitting.

So these were just the methods to stop gum bleedings. People with general gum bleeding can use the methods mentioned above. But if you have gum disease, you should just follow the above methods to stop the bleeding; next, you need to contact a dentist and tell the exact issue to get the treatment accordingly.

Few things that you should do to make your gums and teeth healthier.

1: Avoid Smoking:

You already know Smoking is not good for health, as when you smoke, you’re making your immune system weaker. And once it becomes weak, the bacterial attacks are more powerful on your body and mouth. So, in the end, you get gum disease. So do not smoke.

2: Good Brush:

If you’ve got an old toothbrush which is in use for more than six months, then you should immediately change the toothbrush. As the bristles of these brushes become rough, which hurts the gums, and so in the end, you see the bleeding. So it is highly recommended that you should change your toothbrush every six months. And the brush should be of good quality. 

3: Vitamin-C:

Vitamins and other minerals are necessary for our body to fight many diseases. When there is a lack of Vitamin-C in our body, the body becomes weak. The immune system also becomes weak, which itself leads to gum diseases. So as a solution, you should eat food items which are rich in Vitamin-C, for instance, Oranges, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes and more.

4: Flossing:

Just like brushing, if you do flossing, you will make your mouth more healthy. As when you do brushing, you may not always reach all the areas of your mouth. In that case, flossing helps. This will remove any stuck food particle, which will not allow bacterial attacks. So you should do flossing once a day.

5: Dental Checkups:

If you go for a regular dental checkup, you have significantly fewer chances of having gum diseases. As when you go for a checkup, the dentist will examine your mouth and if there are any signs or symptoms of gum diseases. You will get to know that in advance, along with the treatment. So always go for a regular dental checkup.

And if you’re looking for the best dentistry in Keller that can help you with any kind of dental related problems, then you should try West Keller Dental. We are widely known for our professional and efficient treatments. You can visit West Keller Dental for teeth cleaning, tooth extraction, crowns, braces, regular dental checkup, and much more. You will be treated by highly skilled professionals who have years of experience.

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