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healthy gums

We do a lot of things to keep our teeth healthy. Say we do regular brushing, flossing, and use mouthwash whenever necessary. But even after doing all these things, our teeth get enrolled into a lot of issues, such as a cavity, tooth decay, and gum diseases.

So to get rid of these issues, you need to go for a regular dental checkup, as these checkups will be helpful to predict the occurrences of these issues during the initial signals and so are often beneficial to avoid gum diseases.

Now you must be willing to know: What do healthy gums look like?

Well, before we know that, let us know how unhealthy gums look like. What we will look at is the color of unhealthy gums, their size, texture, and much more.

Color of Unhealthy Gums:

In most cases, unhealthy gums are red in color and are usually irritating. But apart from this, if you notice that the gums are too pale, that doesn’t imply that there is gum disease; in this case, you should consult a dentist to find out the exact cause. In most cases, it happens due to the lack of proteins in your body.

Size of Unhealthy Gums:

When a person has unhealthy gums, they’re usually small in size because the infection harms the gums and gradually starts decomposing it, which results in the reduction of the size. Apart from this, when you notice over-sensitivity in your gums, then that is a clear indication that the gum disease is at a very high stage. So, in this case, you should immediately consult your dentist as if you don’t, then you may have to go with a tooth extraction.

Texture of Unhealthy Gums:

When things are normal, you won’t notice anything on your gums, but if there are even a few chances of gum disease, you will see that the gums are swollen and quite soft. And whenever you eat any hard food items, you may feel that it is hurting your gums, often leading to blood too. In common cases, when we eat hard food items, we see the blood coming, but if this is happening again and again, then there is something to worry about.

So now, since you’re aware of how unhealthy gums looks like, let us also know how healthy gums and teeth looks like:

Starting with the color, the healthy gums are pink in color (nor too dark nor too light). And the color of healthy teeth is usually white (neither too white nor dull).

The size of healthy gums is usually 2 to 3 mm in size, which you can easily find while focusing on your gums. If the size is too small, you should consult your dentist. And talking about the size of healthy teeth, then it varies, as the premolars have different sizes, while third molars have a different one.

Last, the texture of healthy gums looks quite firm and solid; you won’t see or feel any irregular surface on the gums as healthy gums are quite in their shape. 

Now let us now move forward and know:

How to keep gums healthy?

If you want to keep your gums healthy, you should parallelly take care of your teeth. Let us properly know how to do them:

1: Toothbrush: 

In order to keep your teeth healthy, you need to do regular brushing, but wait, don’t be too rough or harsh on your teeth while brushing. A lot of people thinking brushing hard will give them clean the tooth, but that’s not the case; it will hurt your gums and will invite more bacterias on the injured place.

2: Toothpaste:

Doing regular brushing is a good thing, but if the toothpaste is not of good quality, then you won’t achieve the same outcomes as you’re expecting. So what you can do is, get a toothpaste that is rich in fluoride, as this will help your teeth to fight from bacterias, and your gums will also get benefitted from it.

3: Flossing:

If you ask any dentist about the to-do things to keep teeth healthy, then flossing will be on the top of the list as most people miss it because they focus more on brushing. You must know that brushing can not entirely clean all your teeth; you must have to do flossing to clean other food particles that are stuck in your mouth.

4: Mouthwash:

Just like flossing, people ignore mouthwash, as they think it is of no use except for giving an odor to our mouth. But again, you may be wrong, as doing mouthwash (mostly after dinner) is highly advised because it is in a liquid state and can clean all the bacterias and pieces of food particles that were left after flossing or brushing.

5: Regular Dental Checkup:

This should be on the top of the list as it is the most critical point to notice. What actually happens is, when you go for regular dental checkups, the dentist will properly examine your teeth, and if you’re doing something wrong or if there are any indicators of dental issues or diseases, then you could know them on time, and based on the situation you can take other actions.

So this is how to keep gums strong and healthy. Now you must be wondering what the right time to visit a dentist if you notice any symptoms of gum disease is?

See, you may not decide on your own whether or not you’re having gum diseases, as in many cases it is seen that there may be a different health-related issue that we ignore, and so its effect is shown on our gums, which we believe is gum disease. (Learn more about gingivitis vs periodontitis ) But that’s not the case, a single symptom may be an indicator of several other issues (including oral health issues), so it is strictly advised that if you notice any of the symptoms for more than a day, then you should immediately consult your dentist for the solution.

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