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What causes ulcers in the mouth

Have you ever noticed that your mouth has some kind of sores? Well, it is a common thing, and almost everyone has that, and these are known as Canker Sores and commonly termed as Mouth Ulcers or Ulcers.

Mouth Ulcers are extremely uncomfortable to the person who is having them, as when you have ulcers, you can not properly eat, drink, talk, or chew. And when you try to do anything, what you notice is some bleeding or extreme sore experience.

These ulcers can be in any amount with indefinite size, which means there is no effective or explained size of ulcers. They can be either in a small or large one, even a combination of small ulcers is also seen commonly in people.

Now you must be worried about how they are happening to you? Though it is a common thing, there should be some causes behind that. Don’t worry; we will know what causes ulcers in the mouth so that you can avoid mouth ulcers.

So let’s not waste time and know….

What can cause ulcers in the mouth?

To be more specific, the exact cause of ulcers is not yet known, but there is some common pattern noticed after good research, and those patterns are:

1. When you quit smoking:

Yes, it may look odd, but when you quit smoking or any food rich in citric acid, it boosts the presence of ulcers in the mouth. 

2. Biting the tongue or under-lips:

In most cases, it is seen that we sometimes bite our tongue or under-lips due to which we can notice some mouth sores of small size.

3. Change in body flow:

When a person goes through puberty age, getting mouth ulcers is common as there are several changes in the body, so ulcers act as a signal.

4. Stress & Anxiety:

It is obvious that if you’re under stress or having anxiety, then your body will not be in a reasonable condition, and the same applies to your mouth, it just shows ulcers.

5. Medications:

If a person is going through some sort of medication, then due to the temperature raised by those medicines or pain-killers may bring up more mouth ulcers that may last longer till the medicine course exists.

6. Genetic:

Just like other genetic diseases, you may also have ulcers. But don’t worry, it is not a disease. And if someone in your family has ulcers, you may also have that as a common issue.

7. Viral Infections:

The most common causes for mouth ulcers in toddlers is due to the viral infections, in most cases due to cold sores, mouth ulcers are commonly seen in toddlers, but they’re not long-lasting.

8. Low Vitamin Levels:

Also, if your body is having a low amount of vitamin levels, then you will have ulcers, and these ulcers will come and go unless and until the vitamin level becomes optimal.

9. Toothpaste:

If you want to know what causes multiple ulcers in the mouth, then the answer is toothpaste and mouth rinse that contains sodium lauryl sulfate. And these ulcers may live longer than expected.

10. Allergies:

The last common cause of mouth ulcers is allergies. That means if you have any kind of mouth allergies, then you will often notice ulcers in your mouth, though they don’t live longer and have a short life.

The causes that are mentioned above are the most common ones, though there may be some other causes too, as of now they’re common. 

The very next question that might come to your mind is, can mouth ulcers cause mouth cancers?

The answer to this question is: Mouth Ulcers may act as an indicator to mouth cancer. Usually, ulcers exist in your mouth for about a week or two, but if the existence is more than that, you should immediately consult a dentist.

You should not worry too much about it if it goes within a week or two, but you should pay attention when it comes back again. That means, if the ulcers are going and coming back again, then there is something to worry about.

If you want to know what helps prevent mouth ulcers, then you need to make some changes in your regular schedule:

1: For the very first, you should not eat junk foods.

2: You should avoid taking stress, go with meditation.

3: Your diet should be in a balanced mode.

4: Always avoid spicy or hot foods.

5: Do not smoke or drink; it is always dangerous.

6: Avoid food that has a high amount of citric acid.

7: Always chew slowly whenever you eat.

And since you’re now aware of prevention methods of mouth ulcers, you must be willing to know the treatment for mouth ulcers.

We know that ulcers last only a week or two, but if the timeline goes beyond that, you should consult a dentist for the treatment process. In most cases, they will suggest you some ointment or gel, or a mouthwash that you need to use regularly to eliminate mouth ulcers.

We know that ulcers last only a week or two, but if the timeline goes beyond that, you should consult a dentist for the treatment process. In most cases, they will suggest you some ointment or gel, or a mouthwash that you need to use regularly to eliminate mouth ulcers. 

Since ulcers are not that harmful, but they act as an indicator of mouth cancer, so it is highly advised that if you notice something abnormal with the ulcers, you should consult a dentist near you. And even if you’re not sure, just show it to the dentist so that they can tell you whether there are symptoms you need to worry about.

Hope you’re now well aware of how to cure mouth ulcers, some of its treatments, and causes. So if you have any ulcers, always follow the prevention methods that we just discussed above. And in case of urgent emergencies, get in touch with the expert dentists of West Keller Dental.

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