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dry mouth at night

Ever wondered why people use to take a glass of water before they go to sleep? Well, it is because they know that they’ll wake at night to take a few sips of water. It usually happens that people get dry mouth at night, but why does it happen? Is it a disease or it is common? What causes dry mouth at night?

Don’t worry, we will tell you about what causes dry mouth at night, its symptoms, and treatments.

Dry mouth is often referred to as Xerostomia in which people feel that their tongue and throat is parched. And so they look for a liquid. We know how necessary it is to have saliva in the mouth to fight bacteria and other fungal infections. And if it is not present, then we may feel so uncomfortable, and is also not good for our health.

Now we know how important it is to have saliva in the mouth, let us now understand the causes for dry mouth at night.

  • Doctors have quoted that there are more than 500 medications that are responsible for bringing dryness in the mouth during the night. Though there are multiple types of medication, some of the major causes of medication are Drugs – used for depression, anxiety, hypertension, diarrhoea, or asthma.
  • It is also said that people suffering from Anaemia, Hypertension, HIV, AIDS, Mumps commonly get dry mouth at night or any time. Even if you’re suffering from any type of disease or infection, then you may get to have dry mouth at night, and often in the day also.
  • Dehydration: If you’ve got any effect of dehydration, then it is pretty obvious that you’ll have a parched mouth. In addition, having fever, or excessive sweating (which dehydrates the body), vomiting, burns, and diarrhoea may suffer from Xerostomia.

So these were some common causes for dry mouth when sleeping. As you’re aware of it, let us know some of the symptoms of Xerostomia.

Symptoms of Dry Mouth at Night

  1. Bad Breath: During day and night time.
  2. Frequent Thirst: Oftenly at night.
  3. Cracked Lips: Lower lips are often cracked.
  4. Dry Mouth Feeling: Feeling like you’ve no saliva.
  5. Dry Throat: Demands more water.
  6. Irritation in Tongue: Uncomfortable tongue with roughness.
  7. Burning Tongue Sensation: You feel like you ate chilli.
  8. Red or Dry Tongue: Tongue becomes red and rough.
  9. Dry Nasal Passages: An uncomfortable nasal feel.
  10. Sore Throat: Pain while passing liquid or food.

And several other symptoms are there. If you’ve got any of them, you should surely consult a dentist for the same. They can help you better understand the actual oral health.

Now as you’re aware of the reasons for a dry mouth at night, its symptoms, so you should also know about the treatments for the same.

Before we begin and know about the dry mouth at night treatment, we will recommend you to see a dentist if you’re facing dryness for more than four days. Under normal circumstances, the dryness occurs for a day or two, but if it goes more than that, you should surely consult a dentist. At West Keller Dental, we have solutions to all types of dental issues.

Treatment for Dry Mouth at Night

Stay Hydrated: You need to drink plenty of water in a single day to keep your body as well as mouth hydrated. Water helps to circulate and generate more saliva in your mouth.

Chewing Gum: It would be a great go if you chew sugar-free gum, it helps to generate more saliva and keeps dryness away. You should not go with acidic one as it will make your teeth rough.

Proper Brushing: The best way of keeping dental issues away is by doing brush twice a day, and it would be an add-on if you go with fluoride toothpaste to get better results.

Proper Breathing: Mostly we breathe from the nose, but if you’re breathing from your mouth then due to the air passage, the mouth could become dry, and the dryness could occur. So try using your nose instead of the mouth.

Dental Checkups: Even if everything goes good, you need to have regular dental visits to prevent future occurrences of dental issues. A dentist will help you understand the actual cause of the dryness.

When should you seek a dentist?

Mouth dryness is seen for a day or two. And as we just discussed that if it occurs more than that, then it is a proper indication that you should seek medical attention. When you feel like the dry mouth is affecting your regular sleep, then you should not make it late. At West Keller Dental, you will get proper assistance to all types of issues related to dental health care. Our dental team in Keller, Tx has got expert professionals who have years of experience in various dental cases. Get in touch with our dental expert professionals to get your consultancy done within 24 hours.

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