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what cause bad breath even after brushing

Don’t you think, “oh it is my story” when you hear someone saying that they get a bad breath in the morning even though you brush regularly in the morning? We understand that bad breath is unpleasant and you’re worried about what causes bad breath like what you did last night or last day that you got bad breath in the morning.

To be on the most honest side, there are several reasons due to which we can see lousy breadth in children, teenagers, adults, and even in older people. Or you can say that bad breath can be seen in almost all people.

If you’ve got bad breath, then you’re not alone, many people are suffering from this, and no matter if you regularly brush you may still see the unpleasant smell.

Now let us move forward and understand:

What causes bad breath even after brushing?

When you sleep, you just can’t keep drinking water, there comes a time when you take the final nap, and after which your mouth starts drying out. So once it is completely dried out, then the bacteria responsible for producing odour proliferate. In other words, during the sleep hours, the normal flow of the saliva is decreased. And so after the bacteria attack, you find bad breath in the morning.

Tip: Read what causes dry mouth at night.

Now you must be thinking apart from this what can cause bad breath? Well if you’re under medication then due to the healing effect or body temperature manipulation, you could feel dry mouth, and so again you will see bad smell in the morning.

  • In many cases, it is seen that almost every smoker faces this bad breath in the morning. And so they’re also worried about what causes bad breath in the morning. Well, smoking can reduce the production of saliva, which is said to be your mouth’s natural rinse. So when you smoke, then the saliva production reduces hence creates a field for bacteria to enjoy—hence resulting in bad breath.
  • Even those who don’t smoke are concerned about what causes bad breath in adults, well, in that case, there may be a situation that you’re suffering from allergies. As when you suffer from it, then the mucus drips down the back of your throat, and so it becomes a good food source for bacteria. As a result, you see more odour-causing bacteria.
  • Not only this, but many parents are also worried about what causes bad breath in toddlers as they believe that neither their child has any infection nor allergy and also no any intake of tobacco products, so when abnormal food intake is seen then mouth odour can take place.

So, in any case, you need to focus on many things, such as:

  • No junk foods or intake of food that contains onions, garlic, spices etc.
  • You should not interact with tobacco products as they’re wrong in every case.
  • You need to maintain your dental hygiene; doing proper brushing regularly helps.
  • Make sure you don’t have dry mouth if so try making it wet by either water or chewing gum.
  • Medications are necessarily required based on the body’s conditions, try pausing once you’re treated.
  • And if you have cancer or some metabolic disorders, you may see bad breath.
  • If you see any infection in your mouth, just consult a dentist. 

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So what are the solutions to stop this?

There are many things that you need to follow in order to eliminate bad breath.

1: Flossing: You need to remove any remaining food particles that you missed after brushing. As if you do then the bacterial attack is just impossible.

2: Drink Water: When you drink plenty of water, it just flushes out the food debris from your mouth hence resulting in fresh breath.

3: Chew Gum: Make sure that you eat sugar free gum as if you eat a gum with sugar then again, the bacterial attack may occur.

4: Clean Tongue: Brushing is required along with tongue cleaning as they’re also said to be the primary source of bad breath.

5: Quit Smoking: You should not smoke as it affects your body, also if you notice smokers have more bad breath than a normal one.

So just make sure that you’re following all the above-mentioned tips so that you can eliminate the bad breath. Also having a regular dental checkup & cleaning may help you predict any future occurrences of oral disputes and issues. At West Keller Dental, we’ve got a team of professional dentists who have years of experience in treating all types of dental issues.

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