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causes of yellow teeth in child

We all know that to make a first impression it is always recommended to have confidence, a positive attitude, and a smile. And no doubt, we try to follow this pattern, but in many cases, it is seen that people do not smile because their teeth are yellow or stained, and due to which their confidence and willingness to smile goes down.

But wait, what do yellow teeth mean?

It is quite simple, a tooth that has yellowish color or a tooth whose white color is now dull and showing some shades of yellow color, then it is known as yellow teeth.

Now you are worried about your yellow teeth and looking for causes of yellow teeth. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who has stained or yellowish teeth, and many of us face this situation in our life. There are several causes due to which this happens. So without wasting time, let us begin with:

What causes yellow teeth?

Not just one, or two, if you count, there are several reasons for yellow teeth. Let us begin with the top 5 causes of yellow teeth.

1: Aging:

We know that aging has so much effect on our body, once we grow old, many things change in our body, the same applies to our teeth. The primary cause of the aging effect on our teeth is that if we ignore the underlying issues of our teeth or leave them untreated, then with aging, you will see yellow teeth.

2: Food

Many people often say that if aging is the cause of yellow teeth, then what are the causes of yellow teeth in children? In this case, the primary cause may be the regular intake of junk foods, not only junk foods, but if you eat food with some acid (tomatoes, berries, etc.), you will notice that the dullness of your teeth will begin to start.

3: Drinks:

We do enjoy our life by eating healthy, but sometimes we do eat items that are not good for health but may give some pleasure during the intake. For instance, if you drink beverages such as red wine or even cold drinks, then at that time, it gives you fun and enjoyment, but later the drink creates a layer on the surface of your teeth and provides dullness, which later turns out into yellow color. 

4: Smoking

It is obvious that when we smoke, we’re just playing with our bodies. Some of its effects could be seen with naked eyes, while some with medical reports. In the first case, you will notice dryness in your mouth and yellow-colored teeth. Smoking comes on the list of what causes your teeth to turn yellow.

5: Medication:

There may be the case that when you eat healthily and when you don’t smoke or drink, you still see some yellowish stained teeth. What’s that? If you’re under medication, you will notice yellow teeth as several medicines have some temporary effect on our teeth.

Now, as you’re well aware of the reasons of yellow teeth. And it is time to understand and find out:

Treatment of Yellow Teeth:

There may be a doubt within you that is yellow teeth bad? Well, it is. As that is not as urgent as other dental issues, if you have yellow teeth, you will automatically lose self-confidence. Even if you smile, you will highlight it with a yellowish, dull, or stained teeth. 

So it is always recommended to have whiter and shining teeth.

Let us now begin and know about the treatments of yellow teeth. To get your yellow teeth treated, you have two options.

Go with home remedies and treatment process:

If your yellow teeth condition is not too much or is in the starting phase, you can do some home treatment to prevent your teeth from yellow.

Here are the few things that you should follow at home but these process may take some time to show the results:

  • Brushing: You need to do brushing at least twice a day.
  • Gel: Take the use of peroxide-based whitening gel.
  • Paste: Use Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Mouthwash: Do it with Apple cider Vinegar.
  • Other Methods: Rubbing with Orange or Banana Peels

Go with the dental treatment process.

And if in case the condition of your teeth is out of control, what you can do is have an instant reach to the dental clinic near you from where you can get your treatment done instantly.

Here are the few things which most of the best professional dentist follow, also these have instant and fast results than natural treatment:

  1. Bleaching: A bleaching agent is applied on the surface of the teeth. 
  2. Deep Cleaning: Here, the removal of tartar build-up is done.
  3. Polishing: It is a process of making teeth whiter.

But the question comes where to find out the best dental clinic near me for the treatment of yellow teeth?

You don’t need to worry, as, at West Keller Dental, you will get all the solutions and treatments of dental issues. We’ve got expert professionals who can help your teeth get the treatment done fast, easily, without pain, and an affordable cost.

The best part is, all of our experts have years of treating dental issues, so you will always have the best experience with West Keller Dental. So if you’re looking for a teeth whitening dentist in Keller for yellow teeth, give WKD a chance, you will love the experience.

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