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different types of tooth problems

Whenever we feel discomfort in our teeth, we start worrying because oral health care is a much-needed part these days because of our unhealthy habits. But still, some people do their best to stop any types of tooth problems, but the main point is, you can’t prevent anything that you don’t know. So in this article, we will discuss some of the common types of dental issues which will help you to take preventive measures.

Now without wasting time, let’s get started.

To be honest, there is not just a single type of issue that you might have, as a lot of people think that tooth decay is the final result of any dental problem, but that’s not the case. Cavity or tooth decay is just the beginning; if you don’t give attention to your oral health care, then you may have several types of infections, diseases, and much more.

Let’s now start to know:

Different types of Tooth Problems

1. Bad Breath: You might think that you’re having bad breath because you’ve not done brushing properly, but this might not be the reason always, sometimes if you’ve bad breath or continuous bad breath, it simply means that you’re having some problems in your mouth, which is stopping the generation of more saliva; hence what you get in the end is bad breath.

2. Tooth Decay: People who don’t do proper brushing or use to eat a lot of unhealthy food and snacks have more tendency of getting bacterias, and since they’re also not cleaning the mouth properly, so the bacterias will multiply, and in the end, plaque will be formed, later the bacterias will release an acid due to which you will see the cavity in your mouth. It needs to be treated on time; otherwise, you have to go with the tooth extraction process.

3. Toothache: You might wonder why there is sudden pain in your mouth; also, you might think that it’s just happening, but is it so? Well, no, your mouth just shows any irregular activities happening in your mouth, and if the gums are affected by any bacteria or by any means, then the grip of bacteria with your teeth becomes loose, and when you eat or chew, you often notice pain in your mouth.

4. Gum Disease: Periodontal disease, or say gum disease, usually happens where there is any kind of infection in your mouth. A lot of people ignore this because they do not pay attention to the signals given by their mouth, and as a result, they have to lose their teeth. Not just a single tooth, but if the infection is more, then the neighboring tooth may also be extracted.

5. Oral Cancer: Do you know that every 1 hour, a person dies in the US because of oral cancer? Yes, you read it right, but the good news is if you get to know about it on time and do the right treatment, you can prevent any mishappenings. Usually, it happens because of the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or smoking. If you notice any change in your bite or difficulty while chewing, then you should immediately talk to your dentist.

6. Mouth Sores: We all get blisters in our mouth, sometimes because of fever, or sometimes as cold sores, and both of them go within one or two weeks, but if you’re getting mouth sores regularly inside the mouth (not on the lips) then you have to pay attention to it. Because it might be a symptom that you’re having a yeast infection, which needs to be treated; otherwise, it will slowly increase the production of harmful bacterias, hence will hurt your teeth and gums.

7. Tooth Sensitivity: Do you feel uncomfortable while eating or drinking any hot or warm items? If so, then you have tooth sensitivity; this is the most uncomfortable situation in which whenever you chew or drink anything, you feel quite cold and hot in your teeth, so if you have tooth sensitivity, treat it on time; otherwise, it will lead to hypersensitivity. 

8. Tooth Crowding: It’s not just an aesthetic dental problem; it may cause TMJ disorder and may also lead to misalignment of your teeth and jawbones. There are several types of tooth crowding, such as overcrowding, under-crowding, and much more. If you’ve crowded teeth, that means there is a lack of space in your mouth, but the tooth which is developing will develop at a normal rate; hence with the growth of a single tooth, other teeth get affected.

9. Dry Mouth: A lot of people think that dry mouth only happens to old-aged people, but that’s not true. Anyone can have dry mouth and throat problems; you may drink water regularly to avoid this, but if it’s happening again and again, it simply means that you’re going through some problems that you might not know. For instance, it might be a reason for oral cancer, HIV/AIDS, or any other disease. 

Now you’re all aware of some of the most common types of dental problems. And if you’re worried about the treatment, then you need to know that every problem has its own treatment, but it is highly recommended that you follow good oral hygiene; some of the main hygiene tips are:

  • Brushing regularly at least twice a day.
  • Make sure you’re using fluoride-rich toothpaste.
  • The bristles of the toothbrush should be soft.
  • Flossing regularly after a meal is the best way to clean your mouth.
  • You may also use mouthwash to remove bad breath.

Apart from this, we strictly advise you to go for a dental checkup before taking any medications related to your mouth. As sometimes, the other medications may harm your mouth, you may see stains on your teeth, and if something like that happens, then you should tell your dentist in Keller about the medication you’re taking and the issue you’re facing, the dentist will give you either some suggestions that you need to follow or you may later go with dental treatments too.

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