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It is a time in which everyone is standing to throw out a disaster that is affecting people and killing them. We’re talking about COVID-19: CoronaVirus. We’ve seen a sudden increase in the cases of this virus affecting the lives of people. To date, no vaccine or antidote is developed. The only possible way of prevention is creating a Social Distancing. Along with that a proper health and hygiene care should be followed.

Dentists, along with the entire staff at West Keller Dental, are too concerned about keeping everything and everyone safe. And so, as a prevention measure, we are following all the possible ways of creating a virus-free and safe environment.

We care for you, and that’s why we’re caring for us too. All of our members are regularly sanitizing every possible thing. Starting from the entry to an exit of every individual, we’re doing all the preventive measures to keep the environment safe. 

We’ve created a list of Do’s and Don’ts that everyone is following:


  • Observe good personal hygiene.
  • Frequently wash your hands after every interaction with soap/hand wash and running water.
  • Wearing a proper and clean mask.
  • Wearing gloves and washing it regularly.
  • Following basic respiratory etiquette – Covering mouth while sneezing and coughing.
  • Throwing used tissues, masks, gloves immediately after use.
  • Immediate checkup and leave during any illness.


  • No interaction with a person who is having a fever or illness.
  • No raw or uncooked consumption of meat.
  • No eye, mouth, and face touch-up if interacted with physical objects.
  • No immediate usage of equipment unless properly sanitized.

These are some of the basic hygiene factors that we’re following

  • We’ve just doubled the strictness of our cleaning policies so that we can prevent everyone from this and other infections. All of our staff members from the entrance to the exit of our dental clinic are using new masks and gloves after every interaction with patients in order to provide a healthier and safer environment.
  • Since we’re talking about the entrance, then we’ve highly effective and premium quality disinfectants across the clinic (from entry to exit including all the possible areas).
  • Since we’re using high tech equipment to do the best dental treatments, it becomes our sole responsibility to clean, wash, and sterilize equipment medically to remove any infection, virus. Though we have multiple types of equipment for the same treatment, we won’t be following the same tool on you unless cleaned and sanitized properly with effective disinfectants.
  • Not till this virus is in its active state apart from that, we’ve introduced these regulations for every future-day. And now we can assure you that West Keller Dental will be the safest place for you to have dental treatment done from expert and skilled professionals.
  • Get in touch with our professionals to seek any dental consultancy and treatment done with no-pain, immediate assistance and result-oriented process.
  • We’re directly in touch with the latest updates on COVID-19: CoronaVirus in order to provide the safest environment to our patients. We’re at our duty for your service, and please do connect with us in order to get your dental checkup and treatment done. 

We are known for our result-oriented-cum-hygiene work. So you can have a 100% faith in our service, members, and staff in order to have your treatment done. 

Feel free to book your appointment. We’ve dentists who are there to help you in any emergency cases. Stay healthy, stay safe. Stop social gathering, wash your hands 10 times a day for 30 seconds each. Use sanitizers, disposable masks, and eat healthy food. And if you’ve any illness, seek a doctor immediately. 

Stay healthy and smile regularly. Keep Social Distancing!


West Keller Dental Team

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