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How to reduce gum pockets naturally?

Whenever there is a gap in between your teeth, you start feeling uncomfortable because there are many issues related to it. For instance, with losing teeth, you can’t eat properly; even if you try to do so, you either see …

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best signs of great dentist

The 5 best signs of a great dentist.

Every person has some problems with their mouth or teeth, no matter how good care you take, at last, you will miss something that will become a problem. But this could be sorted or prevented if you go to a …

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vitamins are good for teeth and gums

Which vitamin is good for healthy teeth and gums?

From our childhood, we’ve heard that vitamins, proteins, and minerals are essentials for us in order to survive with a healthy body, and fortunately, we’ve all these minerals, proteins, and vitamins in our daily food. Each of them contributes to …

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different types of tooth problems

What are the different types of tooth problems?

Whenever we feel discomfort in our teeth, we start worrying because oral health care is a much-needed part these days because of our unhealthy habits. But still, some people do their best to stop any types of tooth problems, but …

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Best treatment for loose teeth

Best Treatment for Loose Teeth

We have always heard that children mostly have loose teeth because they’re in the growing stage where the gums push the inner surface of the tooth outside, due to which we could see some bleeding and also the tooth becomes …

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How to take care of your dentures

How to take care of your dentures?

Are your gums swollen, red, bleeding, or are tender? If so, then you have gingivitis which should be treated on time. Otherwise, it may lead to critical stages of periodontal disease. Also, it is seen that anyone who has periodontal …

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types of dentures

Types of Dentures and False Teeth

Did you lose most or all of your teeth? If so, then definitely, you must’ve gone to a dentist for the solution, and there are enormous chances that the dentist has recommended you to go with dentures as that is …

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wisdom tooth extraction

What to expect during wisdom teeth extraction?

If your age is between 17 to 25 and you’re feeling a kind of unique pain in your mouth (usually in the end part), then there are chances that your Wisdom Tooth is developing. But wait, what’s wisdom teeth? Does …

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proper flossing technique

Proper Flossing Technique | How To Foss Properly

Who doesn’t like to keep his/her mouth healthy? Everyone, right? And for that, we try to follow all the healthy hygiene possible. For years, we have been brushing, but is that sufficient? No, because we eat a lot of food …

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