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types of retainers

Sometimes it happens that even if you have not done anything wrong with your teeth, the appearance of your teeth may differ from the original state. Why does this happen so? Well, when you grow, your body grows, and there is some shifting of your teeth, and if something like this happens, you will notice that the appearance of your teeth is slightly changed.

So the question that comes up next is, what can you do to stop that? Well, there are several options and treatments available through which you can enhance your teeth’ appearance so that they look more natural.

One of the most famous options is applying braces on your teeth. As when the braces are there on your teeth, it will help improve the ability to chew foods, also you can easily brush and clean your teeth. Not only this much, with braces, but you can also reduce cavities and other periodontal diseases.

Now you must be thinking for how long should you apply them on your teeth. It all depends upon your teeth’s condition, and based on that; the dentist may tell the duration. 

But wait, can braces do everything on their own? No, once you’re done with the braces, you need to apply retainers on your teeth to enhance the work done by braces.

What are retainers?

Retainers work as preventive orthodontic devices that help to maintain the appearance of your teeth. Say if you’re done with any dental treatment for the alignment of your teeth, then the dentist may ask you to apply retainers on your teeth so that they won’t revert back to the original state. 

Several types of retainers could be applied to your teeth, but it all depends on your teeth’ condition. You can also opt for retainers that you want, but it is highly suggested that you let the dentist decide about them.

Now let us know about the types of retainers for teeth:

Usually, there are major three different types of retainers, and they are:

1. Removable Hawley Wire Retainers

2. Removable Clear Plastic Retainers

3. Bonded Permanent Retainers

So which one is best for you?

To know which of these dental retainers are good for you, let us know about them briefly.

1. Removable Hawley Wire Retainers:

In most cases, these types of retainers are highly preferred by almost most of the patients and dentists. As per the experience of thousands of dentists, they’re more comfortable to patients, and the last thing worth noticing is that you can get it designed on your own, which means you can get many colors to apply.

PROS: As because they’re durable, that means once you apply it, you won’t have to worry about replacements again and again. Along with that, you can easily adjust your retainers, say if you think retainers are loose or too tight, you can easily do so.

CONS: Another point to consider is they’re more expensive than plastic or bonded retainers. And if you wear the metal retainers, they will be more visible, just something like braces. Also, if you don’t tighten your retainer, it will allow the movement of teeth, which is, of course, not good.

SOLUTION: You should regularly pay proper attention to it.

2. Removable Clear Plastic Retainers:

The next best retainer you can go with is Plastic Retainers. They’re almost invisible, that means if you wear them, people won’t generally notice that you’ve them. Also, they are better at holding teeth in the exact position; no movements are seen.

PROS: Unlike Hawley Wire Retainers, plastic retainers can help to protect your teeth against grinding. And when it comes to pricing, they’re less expensive, so always a good choice to go. And if, by any case, you notice that there are slight movements, then it could be maintained by wearing properly full time.

CONS: Some common issues with plastic retainers are that they’re not as durable as Hawley wire retainers, so you may have to change them regularly. Also, you may easily lose them because they’re quite clear. Apart from that, you need to pay attention since they are clear, so if you eat something, the food particles may be visible.

SOLUTION: So brush properly and clean it regularly.

3. Bonded Permanent Retainers

The last retainers for teeth are Bonded Permanent Retainers. They are permanently glued to your teeth, so the chances of getting lost are very rare. People who don’t have time for replacements may go with these types of dental retainers.

PROS: The best thing to notice about bonded retainers is that they will be as durable as Hawley wire retainers if you properly clean them. 

CONS: If you go with bonded permanent retainers. In that case, you need to pay more attention than the above two retainers because they are removable, and bonded retainers are not, so it becomes quite difficult to clean or floss them.

SOLUTION: So it is always suggested that you should not eat food that is too hard to chew.

💡 Expert Dentist Tip: Retainers are breakable, so you should not put a lot of pressure on them. It is strictly recommended that you should always wear them, only remove them when it becomes too uncomfortable for you, the more you wear them, the sooner you will get rid of the issue.

So, now you must be clear with what types of retainers are there and what will be good for you. It is highly advised that you should not decide the retainers on your own; each person has different shape and issues, so you should always consult any professional dentistry near you to know what will be the best suit for you.

And if you’re looking for dentistry where you can get it done, then you can fix your appointment with West Keller Dental, as we have an expert dentist – Dr Saurabh Singhal with years of experience in treating any kind of dental issues. 

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