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common dental problems in children

We give our level best to keep our teeth healthy, and when it comes to our child, we want to do anything that is possible to keep them healthy, including oral health. A lot of people think that oral health is not a serious topic, but here is a quick reminder, if your oral health is not good, a lot of other health-related issues might occur. So always take oral health into consideration. 

It is obvious that our child may not always take care of their oral health, but we can take care of our child, and that is why we try to ask them to avoid chocolates or other sweet candies. But even after that, you see that they either eat and even if they don’t, you may still see some oral issues in your child.

In this article, we will talk about some of the common dental problems in children that you should never ignore.

So let us begin:

1: Tooth Decay:

Before you read this point, you must be wondering how it is possible that your child’s tooth may have some decay? Well, it is. When you feed your child milk through, no matter what, Breast Milk, Powder Milk, Cow’s Milk, or even Juice, all of them have a part of sugar mixed. Since they’re in constant intake of sugar, so the chances of bacteria formation are there, and once the bacteria forms, the tooth decay will start. 

Now, what can you do? You need to feed milk only when your child is hungry, and by the end of the day (before the child goes to sleep), you need to give them some water that will wash out the sugar stuck in the mouth.

2: Sensitive Teeth:

Yes, you read it right; sensitivity can happen to any person, no matter what age is. Now, if you are thinking about how this can happen to your child, then there are several reasons, such as brushing too roughly, injury, or tooth decay because the nerve endings are exposed. Teeth sensitivity is a common tooth problems. So whenever the mouth of your child gets in touch with food items, either cold or hot, they experience sensitivity and pain. 

In order to tackle these issues, i.e., sensitivity, you have to go to a dentist who will examine the mouth and will find out the exact cause. For instance, if the sensitivity is because of decay, some other treatments are followed, whereas if it has happened due to injury, then the tooth can be repaired. But what you can do to your child is, make them brush softly with a soft-bristled brush. 

3: Loose or Damaged Tooth:

It is always a good thing to hear that your child’s tooth is loose because it will be replaced by permanent teeth (pearly white material). But here is the problem, what if the tooth is loose because of some injury or cavity? In that case, you shouldn’t be happy because this is a serious issue, or otherwise, your child may not get the permanent teeth, and even if he gets, then the chances of irregular teeth are there. Natural fall of the teeth is good (tooth lost and new permanent tooth comes). But if that has happened due to injury, then it is something you need to take care of.

Now, what should you do if something like this happens? Well, it is quite obvious you need to visit a dental office, they will do the checkup and find any infection that might occur, and if the tooth was lost due to injury or decay, the dentist would save room for a permanent tooth. 

4: Gum Disease:

Do you think Gum Disease can’t happen to your child as a common teeth issue? If so, then you’re wrong here. Now, how can this happen? Well, as you know that we can not properly do the brushing of your kids because they are too young for that, and flossing is a way too far a thing to do. Now, if the cleaning is not done properly, the bacteria will form up in the mouth, which will lead to the generation of plaque. And slowly, the plaque starts affecting the gums, and so the gums get swollen and red in color.

Now, if you do not pay attention to this issue on time, it will lead to a serious issue in which your kid might have to lose a tooth or multiple tooths. 

So as a solution, you need to go to a dental office; the dentist will check and clean the mouth of your kid at a regular interval of time; this will help your child get rid of many dental problems in child.

5: Thumb Sucking:

It is quite an obvious habit of most of the kids that they suck their thumbs, and we often use pacifiers to calm their crying kids. And once this habit goes beyond the limit, the child starts to have teeth grinding and tongue thrusting issues, and also, it can misalign the jaws and teeth.

And if something like this happens, the structure (mostly upper teeth) of your child’s teeth gets disturbed; you must have seen that upper teeth come out. 

And as a treatment, you need to go to a dentist who will either do surgery or follow an orthodontic treatment. 

So now you’re aware of most of the teeth common problems, you should always take proper care of the child. Apart from this, you should always go to a dental office in order to get a regular dental checkup. Now, if you think which dental office would be good for your kids, then you can prefer to go to West Keller Dental. It is the top dentistry in Keller that offers all types of dental solutions; no matter what your age is, you will always get top-level treatment from expert professionals. Dentistry has a team of highly skilled professionals who have years of experience.

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