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hard or soft toothbrush

For years and for always, brushing will be the top priority to keep your oral health in good condition. If you go to a dentist and ask for tips to keep your mouth healthy, they will always say to do regular brushing at least once a day, and doing twice is highly recommended. Also, you may not just brush with a normal toothbrush; a dentist recommends that you should go with a quality toothbrush. 

But wait, how can we decide which toothbrush is of good quality? As there are many different types of toothbrushes available in the market. Well, don’t be so worried, in this article, we will discuss what type of toothbrush is said to be a good one, and also what type of toothbrush you should choose, i.e., a hard toothbrush or a soft one.

So let’s get started.

Just for information, after the 1930s, we started to know about the toothbrush, and initially, they were using nylon for the bristles, and since there were not many options available, people had to go with that. But now we’re living in a modern era where we have multiple options such as brushes with soft-bristles, hard-bristles, medium-soft-bristles, and much more. Along with that, we have different types of toothbrushes, such as automatic toothbrushes and disposable toothbrushes.

Now let us start with 

How you should choose your toothbrush?

Usually, choosing a toothbrush is not a tough task, and if you’re concerned about your oral health, then you should definitely focus on these points.

  1. Bristles: Now, this is the most important part of choosing the right toothbrush for your teeth. We know that there are multiple options available, for instance, soft-bristles and hard-bristles, so which one will be good? Well, in that case, soft-bristles should always be chosen to clean your mouth. Never go with hard-bristles.
  1. Size: The size of the brush should be moderate, which means it should neither be too large nor too small. For instance, if you choose a toothbrush of large size, then it may not reach all the areas of your mouth, such as molars and sideways. Likewise, if you choose a small toothbrush, then it may not properly clean all the portions because the pressure applied by small toothbrushes is not that much. So always choose the toothbrush, which is around 1 inch tall and half-inch wide (for children) and 1 inch tall and 1/3 inch wide (for adults).
  1. Length: The length of the toothbrush should be long because, with a short-length toothbrush, you may not properly clean your mouth as it will not reach all the portion of the mouth. For small kids, you should consider not purchasing the brush whose length is long because it may go further inside the mouth, which will hurt your kid. For kids, you should buy small toothbrushes (length). 

Apart from these 3 points, it would help if you also considered knowing about the dentist’s recommendation. If you go for a regular dental checkup, you may ask your dentist about what type of brand you should choose. If not, then you may go with a good brand and quality toothbrush.

Wait, do we need to ever go with hard-bristles toothbrushes? 

Well, no, never. There is no such need to purchase a toothbrush that has hard bristles. Always go with soft bristles. 

So if they’re not needed, why are they available?

Because the development of hard-bristles is less costly, so in the market, if you purchase a cheap toothbrush, then it may have hard-bristles. That is why they’re available in the market, but you’re clever enough to choose a toothbrush that only has soft bristles.

What if I use hard-bristles? What are the disadvantages?

See, when you brush, you’re trying to clean your mouth, and so the bristles are the only responsible component to clean the teeth. But if the bristles are hard, then it will hurt your gums, and once the bleeding starts, it will hurt a lot, and with multiple bleedings, the chances of gum diseases increases.

Suppose I choose soft bristles, can I do rough brushing?

Strictly no, there is no case that exists when a dentist suggests rough brushing. Just like a hard-bristled toothbrush, if you do rough brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush, the results will be the same, that is, you may have gum diseases, and also your gums may have some bleedings too.

Now, you must be wondering, should I choose an electric toothbrush or a disposable one?

Well, it’s entirely your call. You should always choose a disposable toothbrush for your kids and may or may not choose an electric toothbrush for you. There is no issue with using an electric or disposable toothbrush; you may go with any of them. There are several types of electric toothbrushes available, always choose the one which has the option of controlling the spin-speed, and the bristles should be soft. 

So you’re now aware of types of toothbrushes, bristles, and which one you should choose. There are a few more points that you need to follow in order to keep your mouth healthy. Some of them are:

1: Changing Toothbrush: It is highly recommended that you should change your toothbrush after every three months, and if the condition of the toothbrush is not good or you brush multiple times, then you should change it every two months. Read more about how often should you change your toothbrush.

2: Good Toothpaste: A good toothpaste has an optimal quantity of fluoride, neither too less nor too much. So when you use these kinds of toothpaste, your teeth will be able to fight many bacterias and infections because the fluoride applies a preventive layer on the surface of the teeth.

3: Dental Checkup: Apart from everything, you should always go for a regular dental checkup, because when you do so, the dentist will examine your mouth, and if there are any problems associated with your mouth, you will get to know about the problem on time, and you may take preventive measures. 

In conclusion, always go with a soft-bristles toothbrush and use good toothpaste.

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