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malocclusion of the teeth

What is Malocclusion of teeth? Malocclusion of the teeth or say misalignment of the teeth is seen commonly in many patients. If not treated properly, it may lead to many serious oral health complications. Any person having misaligned teeth should soon go under the malocclusion treatment in order to prevent future oral health issues.

Before we move towards types and treatment, let us first know:

Causes of Malocclusion of the teeth:

For general cases, the Malocclusion of the teeth occurs with inheritance. In simple terms, passing the problem from one generation to another. But it could be stopped if followed by proper treatments.

Before we dig forward, let us know some common causes of Malocclusion:

  • Frequent usage of a pacifier in children
  • Too much of bottle feeding in childhood
  • Thumb sucking habit
  • Oral injuries
  • Mouth Tumors
  • Abnormally shaped teeth
  • Avoidance of oral care

We usually miss out certain checkups and avoid any oral injuries, which later gives birth to misaligned teeth.

Proper and serious care should be done during the childhood days, as the mouth is pretty weak during that period, and if any injury is done at that time may later give birth to new teeth (after baby).

So the best way to avoid this is going with regular dental checkups and by keeping the mouth safe from injuries and infections.

Now let us know about the types of Malocclusion of teeth:

Though it is an inherited process (means travelling from one generation to another) it can also be there under any circumstances.

The Malocclusion of the teeth has many names and/or types such as:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Openbite
  • Crowded Teeth
  • Crossbite

and much more.

Apart from these types, the Malocclusion has been categorized under three classes, such as:

  • Class 1: A common malocclusion in which the bite is normal, but a slight overlapping of upper teeth is seen over the lower teeth.
  • Class 2: This is often referred to as Retrognathism or Overbite. In this case, the upper jaw and teeth severely overlap the bottom jaw and the teeth.
  • Class 3: This is called Underbite or Prognathism. In this case, the lower jaw protrudes, overlaps the upper jaw and the teeth.

As of now you’re well aware of the causes, types, and categories of Malocclusion. It is now time to find out the treatments of Malocclusion.

What are the treatments of Malocclusion of the Teeth?

If you’ve mild Malocclusion, then there may or may not be any need to visit the dentist. But if the case is severe, you should consult a dentist. There are many types of treatments and types of equipment available to align the teeth properly.

Let us know about a few of the Malocclusion Treatments.

Braces: In this, you need to wear braces that will help to align the teeth properly. If you’ve overbite your teeth, wearing braces might be helpful. But here you need to take care of braces, which means you need to clean it up regularly.

Tooth Removal: For overcrowded teeth, the best way is the removal of the tooth that is causing the problem. Once you go through it, other tooths will align properly in their respective place. But you should go with dentists who’re well experienced.

Tooth Bonding: Here in this process, a gel is applied on the surface of your tooth to align it properly. Since it is transparent, it doesn’t feel that odd, but anyway it helps to get your tooth aligned properly. General tooth bonding varies based on the type of alignment needed.

  • surgery to reshape or shorten the jaw
  • wires or plates to stabilize the jaw bone

Surgery: Another way of getting tooth alignment is going under dental surgery. In the surgery, you’ll go through the removal of extra jaw space. It even sometimes includes the removal of teeth and jaw space both. As a result, a properly shaped tooth is achieved.

Wiring & Plating: And the very next process is going with the process of wiring and plating that helps to stabilize the jaw bone. Once the jaw bone is aligned properly, the tooth will itself adjust. And in case if it doesn’t then other dental methods are applied.

So these were some of the common practices that you may go through if you’re suffering from misaligned teeth. Remember, it can be cured—so no need to worry too much. Just consult a dentist who can do the treatment. We at West Keller Dental have experts who are certified and can do alignment of teeth with pretty ease. Consult us now.

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