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Best treatment for loose teeth

We have always heard that children mostly have loose teeth because they’re in the growing stage where the gums push the inner surface of the tooth outside, due to which we could see some bleeding and also the tooth becomes loose.

If the teeth are loose during the age when the new permanent teeth are appearing, then we don’t have to worry, but if the child already has the permanent teeth but still has the pain with loose teeth, then you need to immediately look for loose tooth remedy because if you don’t treat it on time, it may lead to more critical issues.

If you’re an adult with loose teeth, then the same condition applies to you too but on more priority. Usually, if the teeth of an adult are loose, that simply means that there is something wrong going inside the mouth and requires immediate attention.

Now before we proceed further, let us know:

What the main causes of loose teeth are.

  1.  Injury: If you’ve met any accident or injury which has injured your jaw or mouth, or teeth, then there are huge chances that you will have pain in your teeth alongside you will also notice a slight movement in your teeth which defines that it is loose.
  1. Gum Disease: In most cases, people who have gum diseases are more likely to have loose teeth. Why? Because when a person has gum disease, his/her gums become weak, and so can’t provide proper grip to the tooth. Which, in return, can not hold the tooth and lead to loose teeth.
  1. Pregnancy: During the pregnancy, the level of estrogen and progesterone increases and reaches its peak, and once the level increases, then they can alter the periodontium, which is the collection of bones that hold the teeth, so if the levels are high, they get weak, and so what you get in the end is loose teeth.

Now you’re aware of the most common causes of loose teeth, let us move forward and know how to treat loose teeth?

Actually, there are a lot of treatments available for loose teeth; all you need to do is choose the right solution. But we highly recommend you go to a dentist nearby and let them examine & decide which solution will be best for you. 

How to treat loose teeth?

Below is the list of some of the most demanding and useful treatment for loose teeth.

1: Bone Graft: In this option, the lost bone is recovered and then is attached properly with the gums. Once that’s done, the gums will have the hold to the tooth, which will then become tight, as natural.

2: Scaling & Root Planing: It is the most popular solution among others; here, a deep cleaning procedure is followed to reverse the gum disease.

3: Medications: When you don’t want to go with root scaling, you still have the option to clean your mouth and remove infections from your mouth through medications and mouth rinses. 

4: Surgery: If the case is critical, i.e., your mouth has more issues, then you must have to go with surgery; otherwise, the results won’t be durable. This requires more attention and time.

5: Soft Tissue Grafts: It is also known as the gum grafts where the further effects on gums are prevented, and current effects are also removed, which leads to the removal of gum disease too.

These were the solutions when your teeth are loose, but if you’ve not paid attention when the teeth were loose, you may have to lose your teeth, so if your tooth has fallen out, then these are the two main solutions that you might go with.

1: Dental Implant: Here, a screw is used, which is tied on the surface of your gums, which is then connected with an artificial tooth that looks just like your natural teeth. 

2: Dental Bridge: If there are multiple teeth that have fallen out, then instead of going with dental implants, you should consider going with a dental bridge that connects multiple teeth and provides a natural appearance.

These are just some of the most common treatments for loose teeth, though there are many more solutions available which you should ask your dentist in Keller. Once you’re done with any of the other options available, you have to follow some after-treatment guide, which again your dentist will tell you. Remember to follow the after-treatment guide properly; otherwise, you will see that the issue will appear again.

Let us also discuss some of the preventive measures.

  • For the very first, always do regular brushing. It is recommended that you should floss at least twice a day.
  • Then you should consider using good quality toothpaste; make sure that it has fewer chemicals and a good amount of fluoride.
  • Apart from this, you should also do flossing once a day; this removes any food particles that were left after brushing.
  • After flossing, if you also use mouthwash, then you will do a 360-degree cleanup of your mouth. So always use mouthwash too.
  • Then it is recommended that you should avoid smoking and drinking, as it affects the condition of your teeth, and so makes gums weak.
  • If you’ve ever been in an accident which has injured jaw, mouth, or face, then you should also talk to a dentist after the doctor.
  • You should also consider using the supplements of Vitamin D and Calcium, which makes the teeth more strong.
  • If you’re playing sports, then always wear a mouth guard, which will help you prevent many injuries that may damage your teeth.

If you notice that your teeth are loose even though you’ve not got any injury, then it is clear that you must have gum disease or other oral diseases. [Read more about Gum Disease Symptoms and Causes]. And if you do not want to have them ever, always go for a regular dental checkup. As when you follow a routine of visiting the dental office regularly, the dentist will capture any diseases that you might have.

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