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is it safe to go to dental clinic in Keller Texas

We all know that the novel coronavirus pandemic has affected everything, starting from human interaction to every plant and offices. None of us were allowed to open unless and until everything comes under control. Also, we know that we can prevent the virus if safety measures are taken properly. Now the question comes what if there are certain medical emergencies? Well, for that, hospitals are open. But wait, what about dental emergencies? Don’t worry; West Keller Dental is there for you; we’re continuously working to help each of our patients to get rid of dental issues by doing the proper treatment.

Now you must be wondering, is it safe to go to the dentist? The answer is pretty simple; if the dental office is following all the instructions led by the government and other doctors, then it is absolutely safe to visit a dentist for the treatment.

Still, worried whether or not to go to the dentist?

Let us help you know what special attention you need while you visit any dental clinic:

  1. Make sure everyone is wearing a mask, gloves, and the internal environment is safe.
  2. The dental clinics should have a social distancing principal for every patient in order to keep them safe.
  3. No unnecessary crowding should be there. Also, proper sanitization should be followed.

These were some basic things that you need to take care of while you visit a dental office. But again, this was your responsibility, what about the dental clinic near me?

By everyone, we mean to say, including the dentist too.

Let us know how safe is West Keller Dental Clinic during coronavirus pandemic:

  • Our dentist, staff members, and other members of our clinic are covered with proper masks; each mask is non-reusable so that we can boost safety.
  • You will see everyone wearing gloves, and these gloves are safe from any virus attacks, like we do with a mask, the same applied to our gloves, and we do not wear the same glove again.
  • Everyone is sanitized thrice while entering or leaving the clinic, starting from the entry door to the dentist meet, and to final treatment, you will be sanitized at every step.
  • Each patient is checked thoroughly for any coronavirus symptoms, and if someone is found affected are not allowed to enter as it will affect all other patients.
  • We sanitize each of our equipment after doing the dental treatment, but since we have multiple tools and equipment for the same purpose,  re-use time of the tool comes after 3 or 4 times.

The very best part of our dental clinic is following the traditional sitting procedure to enhance the social distancing principle. None of the guests are allowed; this helps to boost our dental clinic’s safety measures, as lesser the human interaction, more the safety.

And things don’t just stop here; we want to solve your dental issues during this pandemic by following safety measures. And in order to make it more effective we may:

  • Ask you for a pre-scheduled appointment.
  • Ask you about your travel history (recent history.)
  • Limit your entrance with a minimum of a possible person.
  • Ask you not to touch anything or interact with anyone in the waiting room.
  • Ask you to arrive early so that we may properly sanitize you.

Now you may be worried about what treatments can we do during this pandemic? 

Every dental issue may lead to severe pain, and each of them requires the same attention, so that is why we’re not restricting or limiting any dental treatments. We will be doing all types of dental procedures, starting from Dental Checkup to Teeth Extraction to Crowns, Braces, and much more.

We assure your safety at West Keller Dental with the effective and result-oriented treatment from our professional dentists – Dr. Saurabh Singhal who has years of experience in helping all patients get rid of their dental problems.

We would personally suggest you have a pre-scheduled appointment with us so that we can provide you the best safety on time. Not just this, if you’re looking for emergency dental services such as Severe pain, bleeding, swollen gums, etc., then you’re most welcome. We’ve special treatment and safety instructions for you.


It is entirely safe to visit a dentist during this pandemic if and only if you’re following all the proper tips and procedures listed above and if the dentist follows safety measures as we do. And if you both are done with the best safety practices, you’re all safe to get the treatment done. And in case if you’re looking for the best dentist in Keller, then you need to get in touch with us to get the most efficient dental checkup and treatment done with the minimum visits and with zero-pain. We’ve got solutions for all your dental issues.

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