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How to take care of your dentures

Are your gums swollen, red, bleeding, or are tender? If so, then you have gingivitis which should be treated on time. Otherwise, it may lead to critical stages of periodontal disease. Also, it is seen that anyone who has periodontal disease sees a point where he/she has to remove all his teeth, and then the only solution is left to go with dentures.

💡Note: Gingivitis vs Periodontitis What is the difference?

Dentures are so important because if you don’t have teeth or if you’ve lost most of your teeth, you can’t chew properly, but with dentures, you can do them easily.

Now what most people think is that they do not need to take care of dentures because they’re artificial teeth, and so they will not have any infections or bacterial attacks.

To be honest, it is a misconception that people have. No matter if you’ve original teeth or artificial ones, as long as they’re inside your mouth, you have to take their extreme care.

But the question is, 

How can we take care of dentures? What is the process, and how to keep them clean?

Don’t worry; we will know each of them.

Before we know that, you must already be aware that there are two types of dentures, a removable one and a permanent one. 

Let us first know care tips that are common to both.

  1.  Brushing: Just like you do brushing your natural teeth, you should also brush twice a day. In most cases, people brush once in the morning and once after dinner.
  1. Flossing: You’re already aware that when you floss, you remove any stuck particles that are available in between your teeth, so if you floss, you remove those particles which will not form more bacterias.
  1. Mouthwash: After flossing, it is highly recommended that you should use mouthwash because it reaches all the area of the mouth and cleans it properly, which is better than flossing. (Still, you should do flossing).
  1. Water Salt Rinse: If you’re not comfortable with mouthwash, the best home remedy is to use warm water, mix it up with salt, and rinse your mouth twice a day; it removes many bacterias.
  1. Soft Bristles: When you use a brush, make sure the bristles are soft because if they’re not, they will hurt your gums, which will bring infections to your mouth.

These are the common caring tips for removable and non-removable dentures. 

Let us proceed further and know what extra care is needed for removable dentures.

  1. When you remove your dentures, you’re taking them out from your mouth, so you need to be more attentive while removing them; try to remove them slowly and slowly push through your tongue. Otherwise, it will hurt your gums too.
  2. After you remove the denture, you have to keep it in a clean place; never just keep it somewhere else and wear it back. If you do so, you will invite many bacterial infections in your mouth.
  3. You shouldn’t remove the dentures unnecessarily; it is highly recommended that you remove the dentures only when you want to clean them, otherwise, do not remove them.
  4. You need to make sure that the dentures are properly fit; if they’re not fit, then when you chew, it will shift its location, and with shifting, more pressure will be applied on your gums; hence it will hurt too.
  5. If you want to know how to take care of dentures in the best way, then you need to soak the dentures overnight. All you need to do is, keep the denture in water for a night, then use it in the morning.
  6. You also need to remember that when you wear your denture again after cleaning, you must clean your mouth; you may rinse with mouthwash or use water salt. Otherwise, bacterias available might affect the dentures too.
  7. People sometimes try to clean their teeth with bleach-rich products; it is highly & strictly prohibited to use any product that has bleach in it. If you do so, the dentures will lose their color and will look dull.
  8. Also, a few people use whitening toothpaste with a tendency to get a bright white denture, but sometimes the additional presence of peroxide makes the dentures too white, which looks odd.
  9. If something is stuck in your dentures, never use sharp things because when you use sharp objects, they may bring scratches to your teeth, which will lead to a crack. 
  10. It is commonly seen that sometimes people push their dentures through their tongues unnecessarily. If you’ve got this habit, you should not do it, because it will make your dentures loose.

So these were some of the solutions to your question about how to take care of your dentures. I hope you got sufficient answers. But still, one point is missing, which was missed intentionally in order to get your attention.

Here is what you need to do.

If you’ve dentures, you have to regularly go for a regular dental checkup; even if you don’t have that, you still need to go for the regular checkup because the dentist will properly examine your teeth and if the condition of your mouth is not good or if the dentist has predicted any disease in your mouth, then you could take preventive measures.

Now, if you’ve dentures, then the dentist will do a checkup if the dentures are in a good and proper position. If they’re loose or if they’re shifted from their primary location, the dentist will do some treatment to fix the problem. So always consider going to a dental office near you for a regular dental checkup, no matter if you’ve dentures or not.

The last confusion comes, where should we go for the checkup? There are many options available, which one is the best? Well, you can always consider going to West Keller Dental because this dentistry has a team of highly skilled professionals who have years of experience in treating any kind of dental issue.

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