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throbbing tooth pain

Being hygienic is good, and when it comes to oral health care, then no doubt it is on the top of the list of must-do hygienes. People who do regular dental checkups are on the safe side of having a painless oral structure. But in some instances, people have the issue of throbbing tooth pain. There are several reasons due to which anyone can have constant throbbing tooth pain. And in this article, we will be discussing throbbing tooth pain, its causes, and steps to stop and prevent the pain.

What actually throbbing tooth pain is?

When a person has a damaged tooth, then the activity of pulsed pain increases. It happens in several cases when the tooth is having a cavity or is decayed; then toothache may arise. Even if you’ve any infection or bacteria attack, you may suffer from tooth pain. 

We have a soft pulp with a pink color that supports the tooth to keep it healthy and delivers long life. When you get a cavity or crack in your tooth, then space is created, which passes the air and infection on sensitive pulp nerves increases, which as a result gives throbbing tooth pain.

What are the symptoms of throbbing tooth pain?

There are no fixed types, but in most of the cases, it is seen that people having throbbing tooth pain also suffer with:

  1. Dull Ache
  2. Sharp Pain
  3. Tingly Teeth
  4. Pain in Mouth
  5. Jaw Pain
  6. Redness
  7. Bad Taste
  8. Bad Smell
  9. Fever
  10. White Fluid

and a few more…

Many patients have quoted that “I have a throbbing tooth pain that comes and goes”. And the answer to this problem varies. 

Throbbing Tooth Pain Causes:

Tooth Decay: If a person has a cavity or tooth decay, then it will surely cause tooth pain. The primary cause of tooth decay is bacteria. When you eat junk and sugary food, then you invite bacteria. Once they reach there, a plaque is generated which sticks to your teeth. Later bacteria releases acid that creates cavities.

Tooth fracture: Any fracture or split in between the tooth may cause pain. This happens when you eat something hard to chew items. In any case, you should consult a dentist as if a tooth is fractured, it will not only make cavities but will also have harmful infections.

Damaged filling: If you’ve gone through the tooth filling process, and if that is not successful. Then you may feel some throbbing pain in your teeth. In cases, it is seen that people also suffer from jaw pain and mouth ache with clenching teeth.

These were some major causes of throbbing tooth pain, but the list is not this much. There are several causes, and if you’ve any pain, you should consult a dentist to know the cause and solution.

If you’re looking for tips for how to stop throbbing tooth pain, then let us discuss it right away.

Saltwater rinse: It is said to be the best throbbing tooth pain relief home remedy. You can just use salt and lukewarm water, rinse with it. It will help to reduce particles from teeth which may cause a cavity.

Hydrogen peroxide rinse: If you’ve constant throbbing tooth pain which is not getting cured with a saltwater rinse, you can go with hydrogen peroxide rinse. It will help to reduce bacteria and inflammation. 

Garlic Intake: No doubt garlic is one of the best things that have been consumed for hundreds of years. It helps to reduce pain, kill bacteria, and much more. Use Garlic paste along with salt.

There is severe throbbing tooth pain seen in youngsters these days. But if cared properly, this may be avoided. People should go for regular dental checkups which will help to reduce the chances of a toothache.
At West Keller Dental, we’ve got skilled dentists who’ve got years of experience in solving different types of issues related to dental health care. We provide proper assistance with 360-degree dental solutions with the latest technical types of equipment.

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