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Whenever we talk about hygiene, the very first thing that comes up in mind is oral hygiene. The reason behind this is when you talk to someone you leave one impression, a good one or a bad one. If your teeth are not clean, then it will lead to a negative impact on the opposite person. Maintaining a healthy mouth with good oral hygiene is pretty easy; all you need to follow is some general order of teeth cleaning. 

There are two ways of getting your teeth cleaned; the first one is doing it on your own or the second is teeth cleaning by the dentist. In this article, we will help you understand some tips and the best ways by which you can keep good oral health.

If you’ve clean and neat teeth, then you’ve got a lot of responsibilities for keeping it clean. As achieving clean teeth is a lifetime on-going process, you need to do it regularly, else you won’t get expected results.

So let’s get started with 9 best tips of teeth cleaning:

  • Brush twice a day:

It may seem a standard tip, but in reality, it works at the best. Even if you ask any of your hygienists or teeth cleaning dentist they’ll suggest you brush twice a day, it is a type of general and result generating recommendation, but still, most of us ignore it. You should brush once in the morning and once at night just before when you go to bed. This will help to remove germs, bacteria, and plaque that accumulate in your mouth throughout the day. And based on your teeth condition, a dentist or hygienist may suggest you do brushing a day thrice. But in any case, you should follow two times cleaning.

  •  Fluoride containing toothpaste:

Most people miss out when choosing the toothpaste, as proper brushing gives good results, but if you follow with the best toothpaste, then you’ll get an extra cherry. No matter what type of toothpaste you use, what color it has, as long as it has fluoride, you’re happy to go. Now, why? Because fluoride acts as a preventing defense against the damage and decaying of the teeth. And if you go for teeth cleaning at the dentist, they’ll suggest you use fluoride-containing toothpaste. It will act as a barrier for germs and bacteria entering your teeth.

  • Never forget about flossing:

People use to think that if they’re doing proper brushing, then there is no need for flossing. But the case is not as expected. Flossing helps to remove all those little pieces of food that get stuck in between your teeth. And since they’re stuck, they may not always be removed with brushing, as the strips of the brush won’t always go inside, and since it is smoother, then it bends. So the best way to go with is doing proper flossing. It will stimulate the gums and reduce plaque and inflammation in the area.

  •  Go with mouthwash:

It is a general perception that mouthwash is just a type of advertisement, and there is no need for it. Even people assume that it is just a minute process that rarely lasts for 5 minutes or more. But unfortunately, people messed up how mouthwashes actually work. A good mouthwash helps to reduce the acid in your mouth, it remineralizes the teeth, and due to its liquid nature, it reaches the area where a general toothbrush can’t reach. Anyone can use mouthwash from teens to adults; you can take the help of mouthwash to keep the feeling of your mouth fresh. If you can’t floss, you should use mouthwash. If you go to any teeth cleaning dental, then they can give you the most prominent mouthwash based on your sensitivity and condition.

  • Quit smoking:

Yes, you read it right. No matter how good and neat teeth you have, if you’re a smoker then you will see so many issues in your teeth. The reason behind this is when you smoke you inhale nicotine and tar. Both of them are good enough to eliminate and destroy the hold of gum. And it also acts as an anti-barrier for bacterias, as it produces more bacteria and plaque in the mouth. Smoking may also lead to oral cancer if not stopped.

  •  Say no to soda:

Regular usage of acidic food and materials that contain soda can seriously damage your teeth. For instance, consuming soft drinks may harm your teeth due to the soda present inside it. The acid present in soda attacks teeth, it destroys enamel and hence produces cavities, also leaves some stains on the surface of the tooth, which darkens the natural color of the tooth. Due to its effect the internal structure of the tooth erodes, you should avoid soft-drinks and liquids/food that has soda, that’s how you can take good care of your teeth.

  •  Eat crunchy food:

You think that a lot of eating will damage your teeth, but no that’s not the case. If you eat crunchy fruits and vegetables, then your teeth will get the supplements of additional healthy fibers. You should also not cut food pieces in the small one, as a regular bite will help jaw work most optimally. Fresh food is preferred over ready-made and mushy processed food, so in order to take care of your teeth, you must have to change your eating habits. Also, make sure that you eat green vegetables and less acidic items. As green vegetables will provide extra supplements to your body and teeth, whereas non-acidic items don’t destroy the natural appearance of your teeth.

  • Drink water & milk:

No doubt that water is the only thing that has a good amount of minerals that anyone needs. Not only of overall health but is also suitable for your oral health care. You should drink water after every meal; the reason is, it eliminates toxic items from your body and also helps to wash out sticky and acidic foods. The more water you consume, the less acidic effect will be done on the surface of your tooth. Next to it, having complete food (Milk) will add additional cherry, as milk is a good source of calcium hence gives more power to your teeth and also helps to increase the strength of the teeth.

  • Chew Gums when possible

If you’re taking good care of your oral health, then you must be aware that chewing gum helps to increase the life of the teeth. Meanwhile, if you eat it on a regular basis, then it will help jaws to work correctly. But make sure that the gum you’re going to chew is sugar-free, or else it will again do the negative of what you’re expecting. Since you already know that sugar and soda are harmful to teeth, you must avoid consuming them. When you chew the gum, it will increase the production of saliva, which acts as an antibacterial process to prevent bacteria from production and prevents dental decay along with plaque build-up.

Most Important never miss regular dentist check-ups!

If you’re thinking that following all the 9 tips of teeth cleaning above will work perfectly for your teeth and you don’t have to visit teeth cleaning dental, then you may be wrong in the second case as the tips listed above are the best practices that you should follow to keep your teeth healthy. But even in some instances, your teeth may have some issues, and a teeth cleaning dentist will help you to solve those issues. Also having a regular dental checkup will help you understand the future occurrences of the problems that you might face. So if you’re looking for good oral health care, then you should not miss the regular dentist checkup.

So these were the top 9 tips for keeping your teeth clean. In case you’re facing any dental issues, then you should consult our dentist to eliminate the same. We’ve got skilled professionals who will assist you most reliably. Contact us now.

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