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are dental x rays safe

It is always a good go when you’re concerned about your health. And when it comes to health, we also mean oral health care. So to be on the safe side, it is recommended that everyone should have their regular dental checkups to avoid any dental issues and also to predict any problem that may occur in future. But even in some instances when the condition is worst or new, there might be a chance that you may need to go for a dental x ray. But here you’re worried, you must be thinking are dental x rays safe? Well, to be on the most honest side, YES they’re safe if properly done with the proper prescription of the dentist.

Usually, a dental x ray is typically done once a year, but a dentist may ask you to go for multiple x rays because they want to track the health of your teeth. 

What is Actually a Dental X-ray? 

Well, it is just a diagnostic tool that helps you and the dentist to detect and find damages and diseases that are not visible when you go with a regular dental test. But again the question of dental x rays safety comes. You really don’t need to worry if you’ve gone through regular dental checkup, but in case you have to go with dental x ray then still you’re on a safe side. It should always be done from an experienced dental clinic

Before you go with dental x rays, do you think you really need that?

Well, yes. If the dentist has said you should as if they say there are several reasons such as if the condition of your teeth is worse, then a need of some regular x rays are advised after they’re done with the treatment initiation. Also, in order to predict future occurrences of teeth issues, dental x rays are advised.

We know that dental issues are sometimes not visible with the naked eye, and to better identify and cure the issue, you can take the help of x rays.

When a Dental X-ray is Done, the Dentist May Find:

  • The damaged area of teeth.
  • Tooth that requires filling.
  • Gum diseases.
  • Abscesses
  • Tumours
  • Root canal issues

and much more.

You may also wonder how often you should go with dental x rays? The answer varies based on the present oral health condition, apart from that, it also varies based on age, disease, and a few more conditions are there. For instance, a child may get more dental x-rays than a regular adult just because the child has a developing jaw, whereas the adult won’t have that. In order to tell you some optimal number of x rays, the dentist will review the history of your oral health.

If you’re going to a dentist for the first time, they may or may not ask you for a dental x ray based on the condition of your oral health. But if there is a demand for dental x ray you should go with it. In case you already have recently gone through an x ray and you’ve changed the dentist then you may ask the old dentist to share, and pass-on the x ray reports to the new dentist as this will help the dentist to know the history and then they may ask you to go for a new x ray in order to find out the current condition of the teeth.

Let us now don’t dig deeper and know about digital dental x rays safety. If you’re concerned about the x rays safety then, in short, they’re safe. Since digital x rays do not require broad radiation exposure, so the chances of harmful effects are minimal. When you go under the process of digital x rays, then a leaded apron and leaded thyroid collar is kept in order to shield the thyroid and abdomen. The primary and foremost concern of a good dentist is to allow the least possible exposure. With a digital x ray, your body doesn’t get in the exposure of the rays, only the jaw and teeth are scanned, and so the chances are nearly 0%. 

Are Dental X-rays Safe During Pregnancy?

Some of you may now also have a query like are dental x rays safe during pregnancy? Well, in that case also they’re safe.

A good and reputed dental clinic will put a leaded apron and thyroid collar that will protect the fetus and you from any radiation exposure. We do focus on doing the x ray with minimal exposure, our primary and foremost concern is the safety of our patients. Also, it is suggested that if you’re newly pregnant or planning to get pregnant and if you’re having dental issues you should have the dental x ray done as soon as possible. As if you go with it then the chances are even more reduced. And this is a good step too.

So it is always good to go with dental x rays only if the dentist has recommended you for that. Else a regular dental check can help you to solve many of the unpredicted oral health issues.

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