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how often teeth cleaning

Everyone wants a bright and healthy smile, and for that, we often try to follow all the best practices involved in getting our teeth healthier. But even after you follow all the possible tactics, you somehow lose the race. And then you wonder why it happened.

The answer to your question is simple; if you’re ignoring regular dental visits, then you may have dental issues. If you’ve recently gone under treatment and if the dentist has suggested you some instructions and if you did not follow them properly, you may face the issue again.

Based on the situation and condition of your teeth, the treatment procedure may vary. But the very most common solution of keeping your teeth clean is going with the teeth cleaning process.

Now you must be wondering how often teeth cleaning? The answer is but obvious, at least once in six months.

But wait, why should you go for teeth cleaning?

As you already know that if we don’t brush our teeth, we will seriously damage our teeth. But do you know that even if you brush twice in a day, there is some space left every time that remains untouched? Yes, you read it right. Sometimes, when you eat food that cuts down into pieces after we chew, it gets stacked behind the teeth, sometimes between the teeth, and in many cases between teeth and gums. 

Once it stacks over there, it invites a lot of bacteria, which later becomes a plaque and starts damaging your teeth. And once your teeth start destroying, you won’t be asking how often should you get a teeth cleaning; instead, you will go for a visit and cleaning treatment.

There are several other benefits of teeth cleaning; some of them are:

  • When you go to a dentist for a teeth cleaning process, before they start the process, they will do a dental checkup, hence you’ll be having two things done simultaneously, i.e., having a regular dental checkup and the teeth cleaning.
  • So if the dentist finds out any issue with your teeth or if the dentist can predict any future coming issues, you can eliminate that by following instructions as suggested by the expert.
  • Also, if your teeth have some stains and a yellowish look, then with the cleaning process, you can have more whitening results. With cleaning, you are also eliminating stains and dull appearance of your teeth, and as a result, you will have a bright white smile.
  • When it comes to children, people still ask the question like for how often should teeth be cleaned by the dentist, in this case also; you need to have a visit once every half year. But since the condition of everyone’s teeth varies, so you need to consult a dentist for the same. 

Apart from the visit, you need to follow some regular instructions:

1: Brushing: You need to brush at least twice a day, and if the condition is worse, you should increase the limit too.

2: Toothpaste: Make sure that the toothpaste is rich in fluoride, as fluoride acts as a protective cover for your teeth.

3: Brush: Always choose a quality toothbrush, and the bristles of your brush should be soft, else it may hurt your teeth.

4: Floss: You should do flossing at least once a day, also make sure that you’re not doing it too hard.

5: Mouthwash: Whenever possible, use mouthwash, it helps to remove dryness and formation of plaque.

What is the conclusion?

Maintaining health is always good, but we often ignore the signals given when it comes to oral health. So it is always recommended you go for a dental checkup, and if you are still having a question like how often should teeth be cleaned or how often should teeth be cleaned by dentist, then ordinary people have teeth cleaning process once every six months. But that is not always guaranteed for your case as if the condition of your teeth is bad; then, you may have the process repeated twice every six months.

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