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wisdom tooth pain

We all are concerned about our health, and when it comes to oral health, we sometimes miss that, but as a fact when we feel anything uncomfortable, we quickly go for a dental checkup. And what we get to know is, we’re suffering from some kind of dental problem. But if you notice, people who go for a regular dental checkup easily get the prediction of their dental issues. And that’s why regular dental checkups are necessary

Now, talking about the most common dental issues. As per the research, it is found that patients have wisdom tooth pain, which itself is a great problem for anyone. As when you’re in pain, you can’t eat or drink anything properly. But wait, what is wisdom teeth? Well, it is the third molar (last) which erupts in adults or an early age between 17 to 25. And it is said that about 80% of the cases require extraction before the age of 60-70.

So it is advised that the more sooner you sort this issue, the less pain you feel later. And now you must be thinking about how long does wisdom tooth pain last?

As we know that wisdom teeth are developed by the age of 17-25, in many cases people don’t usually get wisdom teeth, whereas in few cases they get and are accurately placed, whereas in other cases they’re not aligned properly. And if not aligned, then it will surely give you pain. And the only solution that exists is getting the wisdom tooth extraction done. And no matter whether you’re looking for wisdom pain relief or for the extraction process, you need to have it done from the professional itself.

How long does wisdom tooth pain last after extraction?

Well, based on the condition of your wisdom issue, the pain may be relative to each person. In a few cases, it is expected that pain may last longer, whereas in other cases, it just goes down after a certain time limit. Apart from this, it is followed that after the surgery, you may see some swelling in mouth and cheeks or some tingling in the mouth.

The process of wisdom tooth extraction pain goes like this:

  • For the very first 24 hours, you may see some blood clots in the nearby area of the extraction, which itself acts as a protective layer to protect the exposed bone and nerve endings. 
  • After that, for the next 48 to 72 hours, you may see some swelling in your mouth and cheeks. You need to be aware that it is not the problem, as many people think the surgery went wrong. But it is a normal human body process.
  • Based on the condition of your teeth, the dentist may put some stitches around, which takes about 15 days to get entirely eliminated from your teeth.
  • And after 10-15 days, you will start feeling normal. Hence the pain will be 99% gone. And the remaining 1% may take some more 2-5 days to bring everything on a normal routine.

You may now think what if you don’t get this done? Say, when you’ve wisdom issue but no pain? Should you go with dental treatment?

The answer is pretty simple, as when the wisdom tooth is not properly aligned, they start pushing themselves in any-direction, hence causing issues to the other teeth. Now when other teeth are affected by this, they may result in overcrowded or overbite underbite issues. And if something like this happens, you will first lose the natural appearance, and later you will see severe pain which would not have been in the first place when there was no pain even with a normal wisdom misalignment. Learn more about Malocclusion (misalignment) of the teeth.

And if not treated on time, it may result in chronic gum infections that occur due to the trapped food particles. That is even more painful as the tooth will start decaying with everything going out of control. So it is always recommended that you should go with dental treatment for any wisdom tooth no matter whether or not you have pain.

Here are the quick tips that you can follow to boost up the healing process:

  • Avoid brushing for a few time.
  • Avoid the intake of hot drinks.
  • Do not do smoking or drinking.
  • Do not rinse your mouth.
  • Avoid chewing any type of gums.

Apart from that if you get your treatment done from expert professionals, you will get complete assistance of all the DOs and Don’ts.

At West Keller Dental, you will get all types of dental treatment done with minimal or no-pain as we’ve got an expert dentist who’ve years of experience and have completed their studies from reputed universities. So don’t go late, book your consultancy and treatment now at West Keller Dental (an authentic, trustworthy, and reliable dental clinic in Keller, Tx.)

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