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how long do dental implants last

Did you just lose your tooth by an injury, or it just got damaged due to a cavity? If so, you must be willing to know the solution; well, there are many solutions available for the same issue. Many people prefer going with a tooth filling, while some go for dentures, whereas most of the people prefer going with dental implants.

So what should you choose?

If the teeth are not that much decayed, you can go with the filling option, whereas if the condition is worse, you may have to get it extracted, and since after extraction, there will be some gap, so you need to have the dental implant.

How long do dental implants last?

We know that teeth fillings may last for 10-15 years if they’re of good quality, now you must want to know about dental implants. How long do they last? Right? Well, they can last for at least 25 years, but to be on the most honest side, if you take proper care, you can increase the lifespan.

Now let us know the components of a dental implant…

The dental implant has three major components:

  • Titanium Implant
  • Abutment
  • Dental Crown

1: The Titanium Implant helps to provide a secure and durable anchor so that the crown could get proper support. The best thing about this is, it can last for more than 50 years on average, and if you take proper care, they last forever.

2: Then we’ve Abutment; they’re the screws which are embedded into the base of the jaw. It acts as a connection between the implant and the crown. Just like the titanium implant, this can last for up to 40-60 years.

3: And then we get a dental crown, this is what you see after the treatment process. Crowns look quite natural, and they function just like natural teeth, but only if you’ve got a quality crown. You can expect the life of a crown for a minimum of 10-15 years, and if you take good care, you will be able to maintain it for more than 25 years.

How to increase the lifespan of a dental implant?

We already know how long do dental implants last for, but the thing is, if you maintain a few things, you can easily enhance the durability of a dental implant.

  • You should always do regular brushing and flossing; this helps remove any food particles that may invite bacteria, which introduces a cavity.
  • Going to a dentist every six months is a must thing, not only when you’ve implants, even if you don’t, you should get the visit once every six months.
  • You shouldn’t chew hard non-food items such as tooltips of the pen, pencil, or chew some plastic, etc. Even eating hard food with major pressure on the implanted tooth is harmful to the implant.
  • Also, it depends upon the dentist from where you get that done. If the dentist is experienced, what you will get is a durable implant, whereas less experienced dentists may not set up good implants.
  • The back portion of the implant has less life than the front one, so it is suggested that you should maintain a proper balance while you eat.
💡Tip: If you are not looking for surgery for the implant process, you can get that done with the mini dental implant from the best dentist in Keller, they have all the functionalities and features of a dental implant, but they do not require more space and are good when you want a quick solution.

Now you must be wondering how long do mini dental implants last for? So the answer to this is they last for about five years, and like a standard implant, if you take care, they can even last longer.

Before you go with the dental implant process, you must be willing to know about its benefits. 

Benefits of dental implants:

  • For the first, we go with implants to fill the gap in our mouth, which will enhance the appearance of your teeth. If you go with the quality implant, they will look more natural.
  • With a missing tooth, you can not speak properly. Most of the people either make mumble-air sounds or they slur their words. So with an implant, this issue could be sorted out easily.
  • And since missing tooth is uncomfortable while eating, talking, brushing, or even drinking, you can get comfortable with a dental implant because it will act as a natural tooth.
  • When we have missing teeth, we somehow lose our confidence. But don’t worry, once you get the implant done, you will surely get back your confidence and self-esteem pretty easily.
  • The best thing about the dental implant is that they’re durable; once you get that done, they will last for at least 25 years, and proper care may increase the span more lifetime.
  • We know that implants are fixed, so you don’t need to worry about removing them and cleaning; also, the cleaning process is pretty easy, just like normal teeth.
  • Last but not least, dental implants can help to improve oral health, as a missing tooth can affect other teeth also. So getting the implant done can prevent other teeth from getting affected.

These are just some common benefits of dental implants. So if you’ve got a missing tooth, you should definitely go with dental implants. And if you’re worried about how long does dental implant pain lasts, then the answer is about five to seven days.

You may see some swelling for about one or two days, but that is normal. The success rate of dental implants is more than 99% with the advancement in technology; they’re now increasing even more.

If you are not sure where to get it done, you should connect with West Keller Dental, who has experienced dentists who do all types of dental related treatments. Don’t go late; book your appointment now.

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