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Home remedies to remove plaque

Do you regularly brush and still face some dental issues? If so, you’re not alone; the chances of having dental problems are still there even if you brush regularly, now you must be wondering how is this possible? Well, there are several reasons for that, don’t worry, we will discuss some of the most common causes and also will look at what steps you can take to remove Plaque from your teeth at home.

But before we move further, we all know that for every food we eat, there are some pieces of food that get stuck in between our teeth, then slowly they start acting as a food-party for bacteria which results in the formation of a lot of harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Now what you do is, brushing, but still, you can remove every food piece from your mouth just by regular brushing. And since all the particles are not removed, we will have to face some bacteria in our mouth, which will later build up Plaque.
I know you must be thinking about what Plaque is? Then don’t worry, we will know that, along with some home remedies to remove plaque from your teeth.

So let’s get started and know what Plaque is:

Plaque forms up when the bacteria in our mouth mix up with sugar food items or milk, or any sticky food item. The bacteria release an acid, which builds up Plaque. It is a layer that is formed on the surface of your teeth (front/back), and if it is not removed on time, the layer will harden and becomes difficult to remove later.

Though, even if the condition is worse, you can still get it removed from an expert dentist. But what about the natural ways to remove them? Well, if the stage is initial, you can easily remove them. 

Top 7 home remedies to remove plaque from your teeth:

1: Proper Brushing:

For the very first, you need to be sure that you’re properly brushing your teeth. Now from proper brushing means that you should do regular brushing and at least twice a day (One in the morning and one after dinner). Apart from this, the most common mistake we make is we brush so roughly, it hurts our gums and is of no use, so always brush thoroughly and slowly.

2: Fluoride Rich Toothpaste:

A lot of companies make toothpaste that is rich in Fluoride; now you must be wondering why it is required? Well, the Fluoride acts as a preventive layer because when you do brushing after you clean your mouth, the Fluoride forms a layer on the surface of your teeth, which prevents your teeth from getting attacked by food-based bacterias.

Along with this, make sure that the bristle of the toothbrush is soft, else if they’re rough, they will damage fluoride layer formation.

3: Rubbing Teeth with Orange Peel:

We have always heard that Orange is so healthy for our body, but do you know that if you rub the peel of the Orange, you can remove a lot of Plaque formed on your teeth. This process is the best home remedy to remove plaque from teeth. But yes, do not try to rub a lot of peels in a day, do it gently and regularly.

4: Brushing with Baking Soda:

We know that baking soda is quite powerful; it has a lot of benefits. The same applies to our teeth, too; you can do the brushing with Baking Soda; this will do two things, remove the layer of plaque from the surface of your teeth, and will also make your teeth brighter. Baking Soda has the capability of cleaning your teeth; even if your teeth are yellowing in color, you can use Baking Soda to remove them.

5: Eating Cloves:

Cloves are the king of spicy food agents, but do you know that if you chew one CloveClove regularly, then you can avoid a lot of dental problems. Cloves are powerful and are capable of removing bad breath and also kill bacteria. So after you take your meal, try to eat one CloveClove; this is going to help you in many ways. But wait, do not eat multiple Cloves in a day, as they increase the temperature of the stomach, so one CloveClove every one/two days is good.

6: Avoiding Sugary/Junk Foods:

Even if you follow all the natural ways to remove plaque from your teeth, you may not get results because you’re eating food that generally forms up the bacteria. For instance, if you eat sugary food items, they get stuck on your teeth, even if you drink water or wash your mouth, there are still some small amounts of food stuck in between your teeth, and so later this invites more bacteria and harms your mouth.

7: Practicing Good Oral Hygiene:

This is the most necessary step in order to avoid a lot of dental issues; you should regularly brush (twice a day) and also floss once a day. If you believe that some bad smell comes out of your mouth, then it means there are some bacterias available in your mouth. So what you can do is use Mouthwash; this is so helpful to kill bacterias. 

So these were some of the top 7 home remedies for plaque buildup on teeth. You should always keep your mouth and oral health good or otherwise, it is going to affect the rest of your body.

A lot of people ignore regular dental checkups because they think everything is fine, but that’s not the case. If you go with a regular dental checkup, the dentist will examine your mouth, and if something is not good or if there are any dental issues, so you will get to know about it on time. This will help to avoid a lot of dental expenses. And if you’re looking for dentistry in Keller for that, you can prefer going to West Keller Dental.

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