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We all are so conscious about mental and physical health care, but most of the time, we forget that even oral health care comes under physical one. But still, we skip it. And just because of it, we have to face so many issues, infections, diseases related to the mouth. These days a most infected disease is spread known as gum disease. There are several causes of gum disease we will know about it in-depth along with its symptoms and cure treatments.

Table of content

What is Gum Disease
What causes gum disease
Stages of Gum Disease
Symptoms of gum diseases

Before we begin:

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is often referred to as Periodontal diseases which are a type of infection of the tissues that are responsible for holding your teeth, in short, they have a grip of your teeth so that they could stay in their place. Most of the type it happens due to plaque and unhealthy oral habit or due to poor brushing techniques. If gum disease is not cured on time, then gum diseases cause severe pain and bleeding issues, you may even have a tooth loss.

What causes gum disease?

There are several gum disease causes due to which a person may suffer; some of them are listed below:


If you’re suffering from any ill conditions, then during that time the conditions of your gum may also go weak. Also, in certain cases, when a person is going through cancer or HIV, then the immune system gets disturbed. And since the immune system becomes weak, then the chances of having periodontal disease is quite normal.


There are conditions when people have certain medication on-progress, then they may face issues related to the gum. The reason behind this is, some of the medicines lessen the flow of saliva, and we know that it acts as a protective shield for teeth and gum, then having less saliva will allow bacteria and infection to attack your teeth. Many drugs are said to be affecting the gum tissues. So, yes this is also the causes of gum disease.


If you’ve got a habit of smoking, then no doubt you will suffer from gum disease; SMOKING is the biggest cause of gum disease. As smoke weakens the ability of gum tissues to repair themselves. Not only this, if you smoke then the tar and nicotine in it will darken the color of your teeth. And if continued for a longer duration of time, it will result in tooth decay, often allowing bacterias to enter inside your mouth and deliver cavities.

Abnormal teeth:

Poor oral health will lead to gum disease development. If you’ve got crooked teeth, rotated teeth, or overlapping/overcrowded teeth, then there are the availability of areas for plaque, and it becomes harder to clean, hence resulting in bacterial infection. So if you’ve any abnormal tooth condition, then you should consult a dentist near you soon.

Stages of Gum Disease:

Gum disease is an irritating, painful disease that won’t let you eat/smile in a proper way. But if cured on time will be reverted back to the original state, whereas if the issue is ignored then it may lead to tooth loss.

So let’s get started and know about the Stages of Gum Disease:

Stage 1: Plaque Attack:

When a plaque is formed on the gumline and teeth then inflammation of the gum tissue is seen, it is quite painful and is too uncomfortable.

The early stage of gum disease is often referred to as Gingivitis, which is a bacterial attack process, mostly leads to tooth decay. You should consult a teeth cleaning dentist to eliminate future occurrences. Dentists will follow the method of flossing and regiment of brushing to reverse the Gingivitis.

Stage 2: Bone Burrowing

Once the Gingivitis makes its place, it later changes to periodontitis, which is an advanced form of gum disease. You may have to go under the process of deep cleaning of the surfaces of your roots and scaling. The primary concern is to remove germs and plaque from the inner surface of your gum line. If not adequately treated, then it may result in bone and tissue loss throughout the mouth.

These were the two stages of gum diseases; if you’re in any of the stages, you should immediately consult a dentist who can help you in the removal of the infection from your mouth.

Now we’re well aware of some of the gum disease causes and two stages, let us now discuss gum disease symptoms.

Symptoms of gum diseases:

Swollen Gums:

The very first sign of gum disease is you’ll have swollen gums, most of the time you could see your gum in red color, even blood stains are seen too. The bleeding usually takes place when you brush or when you floss. The gumline starts paining when touched with fingers, tongue or with gentle pressure. This is one of the most common gum disease symptoms.

Bad Breath:

Whenever you eat some of its stains, pieces remain on the surface of your teeth. This works as a feeding plant of plaque for bacterias. Since so many bacteria are now residing there so they will start releasing the toxins that irritate the teeth and the gum and start giving a foul smell. In most cases, bad breath is seen, but not always in the case of Gingivitis. So if you’ve got bad breath, you must consult a dentist for the same.

Teeth Sensitivity:

Most of the time, it is seen that 2 out of 10 people have sensitive teeth, that means when you take a sip of cold drink, it makes you wince. Many times it feels like a sudden hot and cold liquid applied on the teeth. And if you have this, then you must be suffering from gum disease. Later the gums start shrinking, and at last, the tooth is exposed, this is called dentin.

These were some primary symptoms of gum disease. To make it easier to understand, below is the list of some other common symptoms of gum disease:

  • Bright red, dusky red or purplish gums
  • Tenderness Feeling
  • Pain in jaw and gum line
  • Bleeding while brushing
  • Pus between your teeth and gums
  • Loose teeth or loss of teeth
  • Space development between teeth

Now you must be worried about your oral health. If you go for regular dental check-ups, then the chances of getting gum diseases are minimal, as you get to know about future issues.

And in this case, if you have gum disease, then you should consult our expert dentist Dr. Saurabh Singhal who will assist you most professionally by explaining the primary causes of gum disease along with its treatment process.

The best way of getting the treatment done is deep cleaning and based on the condition of your teeth; the dentist may suggest a different treatment process.

Deep cleaning is way different than a normal one, as in general cleaning the surface of the gum line is cleaned, whereas in deep cleaning it goes inside. Read our blog on how to keep your teeth clean for more information. West Keller Dental has the most trending and high-tech equipment to process the same. Next to it, the dentist will do scaling, which is a process of scraping off the tartar from both sides of the gumline.

West Keller Dental has various ways of giving dental solutions, each of the ways is entirely tested and result-oriented.

So hope from this article, you’re well aware of what gum disease is, its symptoms, and what gum disease causes. In case you’re looking for a consultancy you should get in touch with our expert professionals who will do proper treatment of your teeth.

Happy smiling!

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