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dental fluorosis

Do you or your child’s teeth have white spots? Or say some brown stains or pitting? Well, if yes, then it is the time to have a dental checkup. You must be wondering of the reasons, well the answer is, you or your child might be suffering from Dental Fluorosis.

Heard this term for the first time or wanted to know what is dental fluorosis? Any case, if you’ve got stains on your teeth, it is time to be cautious about your oral health care. Before we begin and know about dental fluorosis symptoms, dental fluorosis causes, and treatments make it clear that dental fluorosis is not a disease; it is just an irregular health result.

What is dental fluorosis?

We all know that fluoride is a natural mineral that can be found in many foods, drinks, fishes, etc. We consume this mineral in order to prevent many things, and majorly for teeth as:

  • It helps to rebuild weakened tooth enamel.
  • Slows down the loss of minerals from enamel.
  • Helps in recovering tooth decay (for all ages).

and a lot more.

But wait, if the intake of fluoride occurs in more than a regular one, it may also damage your teeth. Dental fluorosis can be defined as a process in which excessive fluoride intake is done which later results in unordered tooth enamel with multiple types of colored spots on teeth (often referred to discolouration.) which if not treated on time may destroy whole enamel.

💡Important Tip : The bad thing is, it is caused by children between age 1 to 8. But may also be seen after a few years. And the good thing is, it can be cosmetically treated. 

Now you must be wondering how someone can get affected by fluorosis if they have a healthy diet. Well, there are many chances. The primary source of fluorosis is fluoride, that means it occurs when you intake a huge amount of fluoride. But how are you consuming it? Well, you’re doing it with water.

Dental fluorosis symptoms – How to know whether or not you’ve got dental fluorosis?

To know that we need to know dental fluorosis symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms of dental fluorosis are:

  • Chalk like discolouration of teeth. (Having white spots and lines on tooth enamel)
  • Yellow or Brown Discoloration (Occurs when the case is pretty severe)
  • Pitting on the tooth surface (Extreme cases).

These symptoms can further be described under a few categories as:

  • Questionable: In this scene, your tooth enamel may have white spots or very few white flecks.
  • Very mild: For about 25% of your tooth surface may have dark paper-white spots on the teeth.
  • Mild: In this case you can easily find out that you have fluorosis as 50% of the tooth surface is affected.
  • Moderate: Dark white areas with more than 50% of the tooth surface area affected by spots.
  • Severe: In this case, all of your teeth are affected with a rough surface and pitting, making you uncomfortable.

So in any case, if your teeth have any discoloration, you need to quickly connect with a dental clinic so that your treatment could be done as quickly as possible.

Looking for dental fluorosis causes? 

In that case, it is seen that during infancy if a child consumes water that is fluoridated.

There are many causes of dental fluorosis, such as:

  • Eating food that is made from fluoridated water.
  • Consuming fluoride tables.
  • Excessive use of fluoride toothpaste.
  • Drinking water with extra fluoride.
  • Inhaling industrial gases having fluoride.

And much more…

We know that any intake more than the necessity is harmful; the same applies here.

But have no worries, if the issue is there, so the solution. You can have the treatment for dental fluorosis done pretty easily.

For the very first you need to change your diet, that means if you’re having any source of excessive fluoride you need to eliminate that. And then you can go for treatment (a skilled dentist always suggests this) as if you won’t eliminate then again you may suffer from fluorosis.

Treatment for dental fluorosis

Now let us talk about treatment for dental fluorosis. Well, there are many options available to cure dental fluorosis.

  • The most preferred and fast result generating treatment is bleaching. Yes, you read it right. If you go with a teeth whitening process, then it will help to remove surface stains, but it is also seen that belacing teeth may worsen the appearance of your teeth temporarily.
  • Next, you can also have bonds on the enamel. Bonding is a process in which a coating of the tooth with hard resin is applied. It is beneficial in many cases when you don’t want to go with the bleaching process. It helps to have a good looking teeth (if you’ve irregular and discoloured teeth)
  • There are few other dental fluorosis treatments available such as Dental Crowns and Veneers. But you should only go with them if the case is severe. In Veneers a custom- the shell is applied on the teeth in order to prevent and cover it which results in better teeth appearance.
Get all these services done by the team of dental care experts in Keller & Fort Worth at West Keller Dental. Book your appointment now.

So these are just a few symptoms, causes, and treatment of dental fluorosis. In order to have a healthy oral life, it is your responsibility only to give the required amount of fluoride to your child, and you should also not consume excessively. If you go for a regular dental checkup, then you can easily eliminate the chances of dental fluoride.
We at West Keller Dental provide best and result-oriented dental fluorosis treatment for any case. If you’re in the starting stage or if the case is severe, we’ve got excellent and skilled professionals who do their job on the top of the priority with amazing results. Get in touch with our dentist – Dr. Saurabh Singhal now.

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