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child missing permanent teeth

The most magical part of any child’s age is losing the temporary teeth, putting it for the tooth fairy and then waiting for permanent teeth. It is said that almost every person ends up with 32 teeth. But unfortunately, about 20% of them don’t have the luck to have 32 teeth. There are cases when the adult teeth are never waiting just behind the baby teeth, though in many cases people lose permanent baby teeth after some accidents.

Congenitally missing teeth

So when anyone of the 32 teeth is missing, then the case is called as Congenitally missing teeth. There are almost 20% of cases when people suffer from congenitally missing teeth though there are several types of congenitally missing teeth.

Let us know about a few of them.

Wisdom Teeth: In 5% of the cases, it is seen that if the child is missing permanent teeth, then it is because the pesky teeth (at the very end of your mouth) are missing. 

Second Premolars: When your child is missing the permanent tooth, then it may be a case of hypodontia. The teeth just in front of molars are premolars, which are sometimes removed during braces treatment.

Upper Lateral Incisors: When kids missing teeth then, in that case, either side of their front teeth is not available, hence missing. Hence you may see many problems due to lateral incisors missing teeth.

Lower Central Teeth: If you notice then there are two front teeth in the lower jaw, so if they’re missing you may see a much uncomfortable situation while performing dental activities.

If your kid missing teeth any of them, don’t worry, you’re not alone, and also there exists a treatment for all. You just need to find the right dentist that can perform the treatment with complete care.

You can bring your kids smile back :

kids missing teeth

It is obvious that teeth formation is a complex process and is not in our hand, but if anything happens unexpectedly – kids missing teeth, then we can sort it out with proper treatment. In many cases, it is seen that when the dental lamina fails to form then hypodontia may occur which itself disallows the formation of new permanent teeth as the lamina stays underneath the gums from where tooth formation occurs.

So what to do now – My child missing permanent teeth?

We know that children lose their baby teeth by the age of twelve. In most cases, it is fallen by the formation of permanent teeth. So if your child has successfully eliminated the baby teeth but still the permanent teeth aren’t coming so what should you do?

In the most successful scenarios, there are 3 common ways to treat them.

  • Baby tooth preservation
  • Replacing missing tooth
  • Closing the space orthodontically

Based on the condition of your child’s mouth, the treatment may vary. As in a few cases, we see crowding, overbite, underbite, so they are also responsible for changing the treatment procedure.

Also, there are many other treatment processes, such as:

Dental Implants: It is said to be the best solution when the permanent teeth are missing. You must be wondering about its reason; then the primary reason is it is durable, apart from this it has better strength and has better cosmetic appealing than other treatment processes. But you should only go with implants when you’re sure that the permanent teeth won’t come now. A well trained professional dentist or dental implants specialist can only examine this.

Orthodontics: If you want to eliminate the hypodontia, then you will definitely hear the term orthodontics. In this process, when the space for permanent teeth is vacant, then with this treatment process, we start filling the space left. The process is a bit longer than implants as proper fitting and tooth mimic formation may take place. So if you want to have the filling of vacant teeth, you should go with this.

Removable Bridge: The other common approach to sort the issues due to congenitally missing teeth is a removable bridge. In this treatment process, a bridge is created between the gap of any number of missing teeth. They’re said to be stable and have good cosmetic appeal. The best part is it is removable, so if you want to go with another treatment, later on, you can go definitely.

What if you lose the tooth not with a natural process but due to an accident?

In that case, say when the tooth is damaged due to accident or injury, then the permanent teeth formation may feel some problems which itself results in issues such as crowded teeth. And in that case, you immediately need to consult a dentist to sort out any future occurrences of dental issues.

What to do next?

Just book your consultation appointment with us; we will properly assist you to have the best dental treatment done for your teeth. Our expert dentist in Keller Tx are professionals with years of experience. So if your child missing permanent teeth, have no worries, come to us, we will help you get back the natural smile.

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