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tooth decay

You brush regularly, yet notice that you’re having a lot of dental issues such as a cavity, gum diseases, and much more. But the point to notice is, why are we getting these problems if we are doing regular brushing? See, just brushing is not necessary; there are several other things that you should do in order to get good oral health. 

If the condition of your mouth is not good or if you already have tooth decay, then you must be looking for home remedies to stop tooth decay because we want to treat things on our own so that we could avoid dental office visits.

Before we move further, you must have a question, is it possible to treat tooth decay at home? Well, you can just stop further tooth decay; you may not recover everything properly; in this case, you need to consult with your dentist.

Some things that you should do at home to stop tooth decay.

1. Rinse with Salt Water:

It is a traditional method to keep your mouth clean; when you are done with your food, you should rinse your mouth with warm water and salt. The combination of warm water and salt can work as a disinfectant and is helpful to remove particles stuck in between your teeth by making them soft. And if you have any wounds, rinsing with salt water can help to heal them.

2. Eating Garlic:

This is considered to be one of the best remedies for tooth decay because Garlic has the properties and capabilities to kill harmful bacterias. Suppose you have a cavity, so the availability of more bacterias in your mouth is quite much, so when you eat Garlic, the liquid of Garlic will kill all the bacterias that are causing the cavity.

3. Eating Cloves:

Just like Garlic, Cloves are also said to be the best bacteria killers; it has many more benefits such as reducing bad breath, killing harmful bacterias, and much more. You should eat Cloves and Garlic at a different time (if you’re eating them on the same day) because they both are hot in nature, so they may increase the temperature of your body and stomach.

4. Sugar-Free Gums: 

If you want to do the easiest tooth decay treatment at home, then you should chew sugar-free gum, usually after meals. These gums have the capability to remineralize enamel. Many researchers have proven that people who eat sugar-free gums after meals stimulate saliva flow and are also responsible for increasing the pH level of plaque formed. These types of gums can be purchased by any store.

5. Consume Vitamin-D:

If you take a sunbath and think that you’re taking a natural treatment for tooth decay because it has Vitamin D, then you may not be right this time. Vitamin D is important for us so that we can absorb Calcium and phosphate from the food that we consume. When you eat food items that are rich in Vitamin D, then the chances of treating the cavity increases because our tooth and the enamel need Vitamin-D + Calcium. You may increase the intake of dairy products, Vitamin-D medications, etc.

These were the special things that you can do at home to stop tooth decay. 

Apart from this, here are some other things that you should do to prevent your teeth from decaying.

Brushing: Be sure that you do regular brushing; the brushing should be done twice a day. The frequency of the brushing may increase if the condition of your teeth is not good.

Toothpaste: When you brush, you should use good quality toothpaste. Now, what is good quality toothpaste? Well, the paste has a good amount of fluoride, as fluoride is helpful to create a layer on the surface of our teeth to fight many bacterias.

Toothbrush: We sometimes do rough brushing with the assumption that rough brushing will remove stains and bacteria from our mouth. But that’s not the case; when you brush too roughly, the gums may bleed; hence gum disease may occur. So make sure you’re using a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Flossing: After you brush, you should also floss at least once a day; usually, people floss after lunch or dinner. Flossing is helpful to remove any stuck food particles from your teeth and reduces the formation of harmful bacteria and plaque.

Rinsing: You should rinse as just mentioned above, but do not rinse too much after you brush because if you do so, the fluoride as applied on your teeth due to the toothpaste may get lost. So rinse, but slowly.

Mouthwash: People either consider salt-water or mouthwash; you may consider either both or any of them. When you use mouthwash, you may eliminate bad breath from your mouth too.

When you follow these things regularly, you will see that your mouth is in a good state, and the chances of having bad oral health are very less. Though, there are still chances that you may have dental issues due to your eating habits, accidents, and much more. But as long as you’re able to follow the tips mentioned above, you will see a huge change in the health of your mouth.

Apart from this, what you can do is go for a regular dental checkup. Most people think that they should go to a dentist only when it is needed, but no, gone are the days, now we consume a lot of food items and have unhealthy diets too. So a dental office visit is needed to avoid many complexities because a dentist will check if you have or if you’re gonna have any dental issues in the future; once predicted, you can take preventive measures. Along with this, the dentist may also be helpful to tell you some home remedies to stop tooth decay. You may go to a regular dental checkup every 3 months, but if there are issues, the frequency may increase too.

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