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options for missing teeth

Accidents are unfortunate, and sometimes we may lose our teeth too, not just accident, but there are several other reasons why we need to look for missing teeth, say if the tooth is entirely decayed, so you may have to get it extracted. Apart from these scenarios, a person may have had some mouth infection due to which the tooth is removed, or some injury, and many more reasons.

We know that teeth are necessary, and all of us have about 32 teeth; if even a single tooth is missing, it will make us uncomfortable and not look good. And to fill that space, we seek for missing teeth options. And when you look for it, you will get to know that there are several treatment options available, but wait, what will be good for your teeth?

Let us know about the top 5 tooth replacement options available:

1: Dental Implants:

The most trending and demanding option is a dental implant, a surgical procedure through which a replacement tooth is placed and fused with your jawbone. Though it is a most demanding treatment, if you have more than one tooth to be replaced, it is highly recommended that you shouldn’t go with the dental implant. You may ask about the other alternative solutions available from your dentist.

PROS: The implants are durable, which means if you’ve got the implants, they will last for years with zero replacement or repairment required. And as per the research, the success rate of dental implants is more than 95%. Once you go through the dental implant the replaced tooth will look natural, and appearance will also be good.

CONS: The only thing is, dental implant treatment requires more time; also, they’re quite expensive.

2: Fixed Bridge:

The other alternative to dental implants is going with a fixed bridge procedure. Here the gap between your missing teeth is bridged, so cover up space. 

PROS: The best thing to know is that once the bridging is done, you don’t need to go for further treatment, the cleaning is typically needed, and the teeth look more natural. Also, it is way more cost-effective than dental implants.

CONS: Though it is a good alternative, it requires multiple visits to a dentist, as this process requires an implant, customization, and implementation of the bridge, which could not be done in a single day.

3: All-On-Four Implants:

The issue with the dentures is that you are limited with a certain amount of food items. Also, if multiple teeth are damaged or missing, the other best thing you could go with is All-On-Four Implants. Now, why? Well, because they require less number of implants just to hold the complete teeth arch. 

PROS: People prefer this as the alternative to implants, which is on the top of missing teeth replacement options because these procedures are durable, cost-effective, and can be easily removed for the cleaning purpose. 

CONS: Even if it is removable, people are still not comfortable with this, as people seek a permanent solution. Also, the fitting surface needs to be fitted regularly.

4: Tooth-Supported Fixed Bridge:

This process is often preferred when you’ve just a single tooth missing. A bridge is created to fill the gap by taking the assistance of other neighboring teeth; usually, two crowns are placed in order to fill the gap of the middle teeth. And if you’re wondering why people prefer going with this process, then it is because the result feels like a real tooth, also the complete process takes max to max three weeks and is pretty low in pricing compared to other options that have a missing tooth.

PROS: Even if you think that what if the bridge fails? Well, don’t worry, you can easily replace the Tooth-Supported Fixed Bridge without any hassle; it is a quick procedure. 

CONS: Some issues with this process are that once they are ground-down, they can easily be decayed and damaged, so you need to take proper care of it. Also, they’re not that durable as the other options are, so if you want a quick and short term solution, you should go with this one.

5: Complete Removable Dentures:

People who have many missing teeth how to fix that immediately or quickly require the procedure named complete removable dentures. These dentures are helpful when you have more than one tooth that is damaged, and the gap is on odd locations, so instead of adding crowns or dentures on multiple places, it would be good if you go with the removable dentures.

PROS: Now why people recommend this is because it looks more natural than any other procedure. Also, the gums of dentures can be easily matched with your mouth gums. With this, you get a lot of customization in size, weight, colors, and much more. It is highly recommended that you should go with this option. The price of this treatment procedure is quite low and is pretty fast. 

CONS: But there are some issues with this, like you may not be able to eat hard food items, as if you try to do so, you will make it lose, and so they will slowly start damaging your internal gums. Also, you need to remove it from your mouth daily, clean it, put in the water to remove any food particles from the denture, and give time to your gums to recover from bacterial attacks.

Before you decide what option you should choose, you should always consult a dentist regarding the same. They may have a better option than that of what you’ve chosen. So if you’re looking for a dentist who can examine and assist you the best, then you should connect with West Keller Dental, who has skilled and experienced dentists with years of experience in treating all types of dental issues.

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