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white spots on toddler teeth

Who doesn’t like to have white teeth? Well, everyone. But there is a slight difference between white teeth and naturally white teeth. When we talk about infants, they initially have white teeth, but later it changes its colour based on the intake and environment habits. Many parents have noticed that their children have white spots on toddler teeth. Since parents are much concerned about the health of their babies, so it becomes necessary to know what these white spots are?

In this article, we will get to know about what causes white spots on children’s teeth and its solution.

So let’s get started and know!

Reasons for white spots on toddler’s teeth:

Decay and Cavities: 

If your child’s toddler has white spots on teeth, then you need to first check whether or not the child is having tooth decay or cavity. When there is some piece of food stocks in between the teeth, then it invites bacteria for an attack. Later the bacteria release an acid which causes holes and cavities. It is a harmful thing, and if your child has this, he/she may have white spots on the toddler teeth. 


It is said that fluorosis helps to resist tooth decay, so people should have a good amount of fluorosis in their teeth, but when it increases too much, then it will develop white spots on the tooth. Though the spots from extra fluorosis are barely seen, if a dentist makes a test, then it could be easily fetched. So the best way of getting rid of white spots due to fluorosis is to have regular dental checkups.


If you notice white spots on infant teeth then you need to take care of their diet too. As if infants and children have irregular and non-healthy diets, then they may suffer from white spots on their teeth. All you need to create a proper diet chart that will be followed by your child. Any excessive amount of food intake may add fluoride and other essential minerals. But if in any case, it goes excessive it may affect your oral and physical health care.

These were some of the major and common reasons for white spots on toddler teeth. Now let us move forward and know about the solutions to this problem.


If your child has tooth decay or cavity problem, he/she must go with fillings, and if in any case, it is an initial state then they should go with Microabrasion which is a process or removal of enamel layer from the surface of the tooth with the help of mild abrasion. It helps to get back the natural appearance of the teeth.


Only go with a doctor’s supervision for the bleaching process. It will help you to get a natural teeth appearance. The bleaching process will deal with the colour combination of the tooth along with the colour of white spots. And as a result, you’ll have a natural colour of your tooth with the reduction of white spots.


If by any case you feel that bleaching and other processes are not working, you should go with Veneers. As in the process of Porcelain Veneer. Custom porcelain is created, which is bonded on the surface of the teeth; it helps to find other bacterial attacks. 

These were some treatment processes that you should go to if you’re suffering from white spots on the teeth. Meanwhile, you should also consult a dentist. We at West Keller Dental have got skilled professionals who’ve years of experience in dental solutions. Get in touch with us now to get your oral health care done.

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