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myths about braces

Having a natural and good looking smile is still a dream for many people. Say, a few people have permanently lost their teeth, and as a solution, they must have gone through implants. And people who’ve irregularly shaped teeth often go for other treatments available to get them aligned properly. So if you have irregular teeth, then don’t be worried and feel lucky that you still have all your teeth; all you need is getting the right treatment. 

So, what type of treatments are available for misaligned teeth? Well, to be honest, many options are available. But the most efficient options are Invisalign and Braces. People love both of them, and each of them has its own benefits. But if we talk about results, then braces could be used if the condition is bad. Still, people often ignore this treatment because they’ve heard some myths about braces. If you’re one of those people, then don’t worry; let us know the actual fact.

Here are the top 13 myths about braces.

Myth 1: If we remove braces, the appearance will stay the same.

It is entirely true, but under one condition, i.e., after you’re done with braces, you will be assigned a retainer, which you need to wear as long as your dentists recommend.

Myth 2: Braces are for young people only. 

No matter what your age is, say, if you’re around 50, you still can go with braces. This will not only help with keeping your teeth aligned but also helps in keeping your teeth healthy. Even if you’ve got a kid who needs the braces, then you can go with it without any worries.

Myth 3: If you wear braces, it will pain a lot.

This is the most common braces myths, but the honest reason behind this myth is to scare people. If you get the braces done by an expert professional, then there won’t be any kind of pain, so you may ignore this myth.

Myth 4: Braces take a long time to give results.

In short, no. The whole process is of only 18 months and 24 months in rare cases. If it is taking more time, you should consult your dentist. Also, if you’re not wearing braces properly (removing after a few days), then the time-period will obviously increase.

Myth 5: You cannot sing if you’ve braces.

Again, it is wrong. You can easily sing. Many people on the web have posted video singing as equal to without wearing it. So if you’re a singer and afraid of not wearing braces just because you can’t sing, then congrats, you can. 

Myth 6: You will get caught by metal detectors.

Don’t worry; if you’re going to the airport at any place that does a security scan of metal detectors, then you won’t be caught. As the metal detector looks for several combinations of elements, just like your belt or mobile, it won’t be detected.

Myth 7: You will not be able to play musical instruments while wearing braces.

Well, you can very easily and without any hassle can play musical instruments. As braces do not block the flow of the air from your mouth, and the instrument only requires air pressure, so no need to worry about it.

Myth 8: Playing sports while wearing braces is tough.

No, again. When you please any sport, your mouth isn’t involved. And since the braces are comfortable (after proper implementation) so playing any game won’t get the distractions due to the braces.

Myth 9: Chances are there braces catch radio signals.

It is technically impossible. There are no radio signals generated or caught by the braces. Just like other metals, unless explicitly implemented.

Myth 10: Braces only have traditional views.

Well, these days, with the advancement in technologies, the designs, and feel of braces are enhanced at various extents. When you wear braces, it will feel so comfortable; also, the designs could be changed accordingly.

Myth 11: My family dentist can apply braces.

Well, this should come on the top of dental braces myths because it can seriously hurt you. Say, if you get the braces done by a non-professional orthodontist, then you will have to suffer a lot. As braces are a sensitive thing that needs to be applied to your teeth, if done by a non-professional orthodontist, there will be a lot of trouble.

Myth 12: Extra tight braces work even faster.

Don’t you try to do this; neither will any orthodontist do. As if the pressure is applied on your tooth, it will start damaging your braces, gums, and obviously your teeth. So always go as per the orthodontist’s advice.

Myth 13: You continuously need to change the wires of the braces.

Well, based on the course duration or the “type of course” your teeth needs, the wires sometimes may have to be replaced with a newer one (but these are only rare cases if the braces are either loose or damaged or if your teeth require new braces). Apart from this, there are no such requirements to change the wires of the braces. 

So these were the most common myths about braces that you should be aware of. As in conclusion, you should never believe these types of myths. If you think that you need braces for your teeth, then first get them examined by some expert dentist near you. Once reviewed, the orthodontist will tell you the right treatment to go with. And if you’re looking for the best dentistry in Keller that will do all things with complete professionalism, then you should go with West Keller Dental. They provide 360-degree solutions for all types of dental related issues. has West Keller Dental team of highly skilled and certified professionals who will do the treatment in the most efficient way. 

So don’t go late; fix your quick appointment now, click here to book an appointment. 

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