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common dental problems

No matter who you are, your smile is always the most positive representation of your body. We all want a decent and bright smile, and for that, we try to brush our teeth regularly, even follow some mouthwash too. But things don’t end up here; also, you may still have some dental issues if you’re doing regular brush. And for the dental problem, you need to get it treated by a reputed and experienced dentist.

So let us now begin and know about dental problems and treatment for each of them

1: Sensitivity: Do you often feel some sensitivity while you eat something hot or cold? It is the most common dental problem in children and is also seen in people aged between 30-70; there are several reasons for it, such as due to cavities, exposed roots, fractured teeth, or gum disease. The best treatment for this is to get a filling or root canal.

2: Toothache: The other most pressing issue is a toothache; you can feel this anytime. Even if you’re sleeping, eating, or even drinking water, the best option to get rid of this is getting the dental treatment done. Else, you will notice swelling around your gums and even some fever, which may later lead to a severe problem.

3: Cavities: When we talk about common dental problems, no doubt that cavity is always on the list. We know that when we eat something and if our teeth are not cleaned, then sticky food starts inviting bacteria. Which later converts in a plaque, and starts destroying your teeth enamel. You can have sealant treatment done for this.

4: Chipped Teeth: Accidents can be there anytime, and sometimes if we fall on the face side, our teeth may also be damaged. And in almost many cases chipped tooth is due to an accident. The best treatment solution for this is getting dental crown, and if the condition is worst, you may go with a teeth replacement process.

5: Stained Teeth: You may brush regularly yet see multiple stains on your teeth. There are several causes of stained teeth, such as the intake of medications, tobacco, or acidic food. So as a treatment, you can have teeth cleaning or bleaching; apart from this, you need to brush twice and floss whenever possible.

6: Cracked Teeth: Just like chipped teeth, when you chew something that you may crack your molars, and if the case goes beyond the control, you will start facing some sensitivity. And also, when you eat something, you may feel a lot of pain. The best solution of this is getting the filling done, if not that, then root canal or crowns.

7: Gaps: Even if you have some gaps in between your teeth, you may not think of it as dental issues. But that’s not the case. If you ask about the dental problem list from any dentist, they will also list teeth gaps. As if you have them, you’re allowing plaque formation and tooth decay. So it is always recommended to have teeth fillings done.

8: Bleedings Gums: It is also seen that many people often see blood coming out of their gums. And the dentist finds it as dental problem symptoms that represent several issues. Some of them are gum disease, plaque formation, and many other problems. And as a treatment, you need to have to brush twice and flossing at least once in a day.

9: Clenching: If you’re stressed, you may have grinding issues known as Bruxism. In this issue, you can see some misaligned teeth or sleep problems in both morning and daytime schedules. And as a treatment, you need to go with a mouth guard (ask dentist) and other medications to avoid stress levels. A dentist can only help avoid grinding, while meditation and other treatments can eliminate stress.

10: Hyperdontia: It is a case that is rare in which a person has extra teeth. For instance, we all have around 32 teeth, but in a few people, it is seen that they’ve extra teeth, and this is called Hyperdontia. If not treated on time, it may lead to a tumour (which is also possible to be treated), but it is recommended to have the treatment done before.

The above listed dental problems are most commonly seen in people. Fortunately, all of them are easily possible to treat. All you need to consult the right dental clinic, as it is always recommended that you should have a regular dental visit as if you go with that, you’re not just showing disciplines and concern about your health, but you can also predict and know about any dental problems that might occur in future so that you can eliminate that too.

So what do I do now? We’ve already talked about all the preferred treatments related to each dental issue, but you should always consult a dentist to show them the exact condition of your teeth, and then they can suggest the best treatment possible for your teeth.

Not only this much, but you also need to focus on your regular habits, and primarily eating and drinking habits. Many people who smoke often see several types of dental issues, including dullness and stains. And likewise, if you drink wine or consume alcohol, you’re just damaging your teeth. Even soft-drinks are also not good for your teeth, and if you consume that, you’re just damaging your teeth. Also, we have done detailed research on which foods contain folic acid.

Who to talk about it?

If you’ve dental issues, have no worries, you also have West Keller Dental with you. West Keller Dental is the most reliable and trusted dental clinic in Keller, Tx, which also works on Saturdays, so if you’ve problems, consult them and fix your appointment to have the treatment done in a zero-pain manner. Dr. Saurabh Singhal is an experienced dentist having all the latest technical equipment to do the treatment most professionally. So why go late? Get in touch now.

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