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dentist tools & equipment

Ever wondered what all the things and equipment at your dentists’ office were? From the bright lights to dental chairs, from intraoral mirrors to drills that your dentist uses in your mouth, everything has its own importance in a regular dental setup. Let’s get a closer look at the equipment at your dentist’s office in this blog.

Diagnostic instruments:

These help your dentist to take a closer look at your teeth and diagnose the issue. Few of the diagnostic instruments are:

  • Mouth mirror
  • Probe

Mouth mirrors:

Mouth mirror is a small mirror attached to a long handle which enables the dentist to hold. This provides a closer look at every nook and corner of tooth and to detect any caries that go unnoticed. It also enables the dentist to get a look at plaque and tartar buildup. It helps in retracting cheek and tongue while doing dental procedures.


Probe is a sharp instrument used along with a mouth mirror to detect caries and gums to check gum health.

Saliva ejector:

Used to suction the saliva, water and aerosols that are produced during dental procedures. This reduces the risk of aerosol inhalation by the dentist and assistant.


The drill that is used by the dentist is called an “airrotor”. It is used to drill the teeth to remove caries and prepare the tooth to receive restorations.

Dental chair:

It is a setup which includes a spitoon, light and dental chair which enables the patient to spit, illuminate the working area and seat comfortably respectively. The dental chair also has a holder which holds all the motor handpieces like airrotor, micromotor, 3 way syringe etc which helps the dentist during dental procedures.

Intraoral camera:

Helps the dentist to view the interior of the mouth. It is a recent advancement. As an intraoral mirror cannot enlarge a small site, this intraoral camera enables a dentist or hygienist to get a closer and enlarged view of intraoral images.

X-ray machine:

Structures inside the tooth cannot be viewed clinically, hence X-ray is mandatory during any dental procedure. It helps the dentist make a final diagnosis, to assess the prognosis  and formulate the treatment plan. Portable x-ray machines help to get RVG / iopa and Opg can be taken with an opg machine which requires larger space and room.

These are the basic things and equipment that you commonly see at almost all the dental offices including West Keller dental office in Keller.

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