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We all want to have bright white teeth which are properly aligned and are strong too. But somehow, due to our bad habits of pushing teeth with tongue during our teenage years, we may get misaligned teeth, or maybe by birth, you have misaligned teeth that look odd when you talk or smile. Now since this doesn’t look good, we start looking for ways to keep them in the correct position, and fortunately, we’ve got multiple solutions available these days. The most common and efficient method is to go with braces. Here, you just need to wear braces for a few years, and later, it will take the normal position; also, you can later remove the braces too.

Now, this was how you could align your teeth, but the real problem comes when you wear braces. Say, how to keep teeth clean with braces because when you wear it and do brushing, you might feel very uncomfortable, so how to do that?

Well, you just need to do a few things that are absolutely easy and will help you to keep your teeth clean. In this article, we will be discussing ways to clean your teeth if you wear braces.

Before we know what we should do, let us first know what you should not do to clean your teeth with braces.

Rough Brushing: Some people think that if they brush hard, then their teeth will get cleaned even more. But that’s not true; every dentist strictly says not to do rough brushing and especially if you wear braces. As when you brush hard, the bristles will stick in your braces, and when you rotate your brush, it will loosen the braces. Now, as a result, there will be no benefit from wearing the braces.

Removing Braces: Also, people believe that if they remove braces and clean them, and put them back, then this will work. But again, braces are meant to be fixed at a single position, so if you try to pull it out, it will either break or will hurt your mouth. So never ever go with this option if your braces are not removable.

Using Chewing Gum: It might sound odd to you, but some people use chewing gum to clean their teeth, well, in reality, chewing gum helps to keep the production of saliva high, but it is not able to clean your mouth. And if you wear braces, then you should avoid eating chewing gum because it might get stuck in the wire, and you will have trouble while removing it.

These are the top three things that most people do in order to clean their teeth with braces. We highly recommend you not to do the above things as it might lead you to more problems. If you are concerned about how to keep your teeth clean with braces, then continue reading this article.

Now we will get to know about the ways of cleaning the teeth with braces.

  • First, you have to rinse your toothbrush properly, as when you do this, the bristles of the toothbrush will become smooth and will easily bend when you brush. 
  • Then you have to put in a good amount of toothpaste, now with a good amount means neither too much nor too less. Make sure the toothpaste is of good quality.
  • After that, you have to open your mouth and rotate the toothbrush 45 degrees to the gums, and then start brushing the teeth from top to bottom. 
  • Once you start with that, you have to make the circular movements, make sure you’re not doing it too hard; a gentle movement will work perfectly.
  • After you are done with the top and bottom, you have to move to the front and back; again, you will be doing it gently.
  • When you start this, you have to do it for 30 seconds (each step) for around 2 to 3 minutes. 
  • The cycle goes like, top to bottom, and from back to front likewise.
  • After you’re done, wash your mouth properly.

Note: Do not rinse your mouth completely after brushing because if you do so, the fluoride layer will not be formed on your teeth 

So this is how you brush your teeth while wearing the braces. Now the question comes: what is the best way to keep teeth clean with braces? Well, the answer is already discussed, but partially. 

See, when you brush, you are keeping your teeth healthy, okay, but what about the food stuck in between your braces? Well, you have to remove it too. 

Let us discuss how you can easily remove the stuck food particles from your braces.

Cleaning your braces is almost as easy as how you brush. Some things that you need to do is:

Mouthwash: Using mouthwash will help you in several ways; first, it will keep the odor of your mouth good, make you feel fresh, it will kill the harmful bacterias, and of course, it will remove the sticky food particles from your mouth, teeth, and braces. It will be best if you do it twice a day.

Flossing: No doubt that flossing is being recommended by dentists for years; if you floss, you are removing a lot of dental problems, you just need to have a floss of good quality, and floss regularly after your dinner because when the particles are there in the night, they are more active due to the less production of saliva.

Garlic Water Rinse: The most common and homemade method is to rinse with garlic juice, salt, and water. You just need to mix them and make them warm; after that, you rinse your mouth with that water for around five minutes. This is going to help you keep your mouth healthy.

So these were the things that you could do to keep your mouth, teeth, and braces in good condition. You should not miss the above-mentioned points if you wear braces because you need to do extra care, and if you notice anything wrong for more than 2 to 3 days after the settlement of braces, you should immediately consult your dentist in Keller.

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