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best invisible braces (Clear Aligners)

We all want to have a bright white smile, but sometimes, we may not be able to achieve that, as either our teeth are not in good condition, or due to our habit, we have damaged our teeth. And so, as a solution, what you do is, go to a dentist, get the checkup done, and follow the treatment.

Let’s take an example of misaligned teeth; now, when you go to the dentist, they tell you to go with braces, which you think will not look good when you talk or go out. But do we have other options? Well, yes, we have, but that option is good if the condition of the teeth is not that bad. We are talking about Invisible Braces. Yes, you read it right. Invisible braces, also known as clear aligners, are quite popular these days because they are more discreet than the standard metal braces.

Talking more about the invisible braces like why they are popular, then there are many reasons such as they are not quite visible through normal view, they are strong and durable, you can remove them and clean them, along with that they are lightweight too.

Now you must be wondering, why are they called Aligners if they are braces? Well, because, unlike standard metal braces, the transparent trays are used, which shifts and aligns your teeth to a normal position, this will result in exactly the same way as how standard braces give.

The materials of Aligners are made in such a way that they provide good grip to your teeth and the gums, along with that they can be removed easily, and since they are tooth-colored, so it is quite tough to say a person is wearing braces.

If you also have a misaligned tooth and are looking to go with invisible braces near me, then before going to the dentist, you need to know why invisible braces are better than other kinds of braces.

  1. They are removable, unlike fixed braces or ceramic braces, you can easily clean your braces without any hassle, and as per your choice, you can wear and remove it anytime (though we strictly do not recommend you to remove your braces).
  2. Next, they are not visible with a normal view, as if you wear metal braces, people can easily get to know that you’ve braces set up in your mouth, but with invisible braces, they will not be able to guess even if you’ve anything inside your mouth.
  3. The invisible braces help in dealing with many problems such as crooked teeth, underbite, or overbite, close spaces, and improves the overall appearance of the mouth.
  4. Apart from these, if we take the reviews and opinions of top dentists, then they recommend invisible braces too because of their durability, flexibility, and ease of wearing.

Now the question comes:

Which are the best invisible braces available in the market

See, if we talk about the demand for invisible braces, then that’s, of course, increasing, so with the increase in demand, the supply of these braces is also increasing. Now that has become a problem for many patients because they are not aware of which type of invisible braces they should go with and which one is the best.

Well, don’t worry, we will help you get the most cost and result-efficient one.

Many companies make braces, the top three companies are:

  • Byte
  • Aligner Co
  • Candid Co

These companies offer braces of good quality with better results and multiple choices. 

But should you directly buy them? Well, of course, no, first you need to go to the dentist in Keller near you, they will check your mouth, and if there is a need for braces, then they will proceed further with the treatment.

What’s the procedure of clear aligners?

  • First, you will have to find the best dentistry (we recommend West Keller Dental because this dentistry offers affordable invisible braces), and then you will book your appointment.
  • In the first visit, the dentist will examine your mouth and will look for all the probabilities of the problems that your teeth might have. If the teeth are not aligned, then the dentist will recommend you to go with braces, and once you permit, they will take the blueprint of your teeth.
  • Note: This blueprint is taken to provide the proper shape and structure of the invisible braces; make sure if you’re going through any other treatment, you should inform your dentist.
  • After the dentist takes the blueprint, that will be forwarded to the laboratory where the actual braces will be created (custom). The color of your choice or the color of your teeth will also be sent to the lab.
  • Once the dentist receives the braces, you will be informed, and then you have to make a second visit; here, the dentist will be putting the braces on your teeth. 

So this is how the actual process of getting the invisible braces goes. Just like how easily you read this article, the whole procedure takes a maximum of three visits to get your Clear Aligners set up in your mouth.

Moving further, let’s also discuss some do’s and don’t post getting the aligners.

See, a lot of people think that the aligners are removable, so they can remove them anytime and wear them again; well, you shouldn’t do that because this will make your aligner lose, and so you will not get expected results.

People also believe that they should use tooth whitening agents to clean the aligners; again, you should avoid using that because that will damage the color of your aligners, and so in the end, they will look dull.

How to clean Invisible Braces?

Well, for that, you need to use mouthwash, do regular brushing, and floss regularly. You may not be able to floss properly by wearing invisible braces because there is no such space; in this case, you can simply remove the braces (make sure not to put more pressure on it) and then floss, later after washing it with warm water, wear it.

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