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Laser Dental Treatments


Most of you are allergic to bleeding and seeing blood. Specially considered if the blood is oozing out from your mouth or seeing the blood-stained cotton from your mouth which is really terrifying. Unfortunately in dentistry most of the procedures involve some amount of blood. So is there any alternative to this procedure that involves bleeding? Yes! There is: Lasers.


In dentistry, when lasers are used to do a minor surgical procedure or some treatment then there is completely no blood, no pain, and no post-operative discomfort issue. The only problem with the use of a laser is that during the procedure there will be a slight burning smell and that burning smell is also sucked side by the dental chair.

What are the dental procedures which can be done by a laser?

1) Frenectomy: A frenum is a muscle fiber that extends from the upper lips into the jaw, between the front two teeth. If you notice the some of the kids, have small space between two upper front teeth and this space makes it very prominent. This frenum has to be removed before the eruption of the permanent canines.

It should be removed before 10 years or sometimes even 6 7 years. Consider subjecting a 6 7 year old kid for this type of treatment with surgical procedures. This kid will have a suture in place. He will have swelling for one week, cannot talk, cannot eat, and discomfort as well. But in lasers, it is just a 5-minute procedure. After that, he can just go out and have his favorite food.

2) Gum Flap Surgery: Next procedure which can be done is a laser-assisted new attachment procedure. This is nothing but an alternative to the gum flap surgery. The gums are opened up. Then it is cleaned inside and sutures are closed. There is a lot of bleeding. But in lasers, it is used to clean the area of the gum and it results in a good gingival health.

3) Operculectomy: Operculectomy is the removal of small soft tissues in the third molar region. Most of the third molars while erupting; they will have a soft tissue covering which will be very painful. There will be accumulation of food or accumulation of pus. This soft tissue can be removed very easily with a laser.

4) Crown lengthening procedure: For neat gingivectomy or for making the gum line very neat and very contour, lasers can also be used.

5) Aphthous ulcers: Some people or most of the people have experienced stress ulcers in the mouth. This stress ulcer, usually they heal with some vitamin supplements and some oral gel but for some person these stress ulcers do not heal at all and they are very painful. These stress ulcers can be treated with lasers but it has to be done for at least three sittings. This helps in healing of the aphthous ulcers.

6) Removal of Non-cancerous lesions: Some small benign lesions or non-cancerous lesion for example some children will have a small tumor or some amount of cyst in the lips or tongue etc. This tumor or cyst removal will involve a lot of blood. Whereas if it is done with the help of lasers, this results in a faster healing and no bleeding at all.

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